Lucozade Hydro-Active 4x500ml for 99p

Lucozade Hydro-Active 4x500ml for 99p

Found 31st Jan 2008
I just popped into the 99p store in Pallasades Birmingham. It's kinda cool, cause you feel loaded over there, and with £1 in the pocket, u can afford anything!!!
Anyway, grabbed couple packs of Lucozade Summer Fruit flavour-substitute for water, with some vitamins, etc. Really goooooooood thing for the gym. They're usually ca. 79p each bottle
The only drawback-its with sugar&sweeteners, so some people can feel that aspartame aftertaste. Not me though-and 'm reallly sensitive

Pallasades 99p store had about 100 cases left on the floor today at 4pm...
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