Lucozade original 380ml 8 pack £3 in iceland

Lucozade original 380ml 8 pack £3 in iceland

Found 9th May 2009
i love lucozade! its 95p for a 380ml single or £1.23 for a 500ml so this is a great deal

its definatly on the original(red) and not sure if they do the orange but think they do

The deal is usually for 6 x 380ml but has 2 free at the minute

also it has a code on the pack so you can win £1000 by txtin your code


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how is this not hot!


how is this not hot!

I think it's because the 1l (1000ml) bottles are always £1 from the usual pound shops and Asda (Asda were actually at 79p for the 1l bottle until recently). If you work it out it means this deal is 9.8p per 100ml and the pound shops are 10p per 100ml. So looked at that way not much of a deal. That said I'll vote it hot because the 380ml bottles are a more convenient size/serving (and you ssave 2p per litre :-D ).
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