Lucozade Sport Orange 39p @ Home Bargains

Lucozade Sport Orange 39p @ Home Bargains

Found 8th Dec 2009Made hot 9th Dec 2009
Lucozade Sport:Body Fuel 750ml, 500 ml with 50% extra free!

750ml was 69p but the exact same one at 39p!

I emptied the shelf!

Date is March 2010!


what branch did u go to

heat from meeeeee

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liverpool, lord street!

rang the branch close to me 69p here north east

good deal if you can get them

shame its the orange flavour, I like all the flavours but that one, good price though!!


liverpool, lord street!

Only just came back from town, too hectic there today.....

Anyway, you cleared the shelf so there'd be no point in me going anyway :-D

loads in the london road shop, not sure if they were this cheaper price though

yeah 39p in London Road Home Bargains.... might be height-ist though as they are on the top shelf, deal only applys to people over 5 foot 7"

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plenty around for all then!
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