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Free Lucozade Drink at London Waterloo station
LocalLocalFound 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Free Lucozade drink is being distributed on London Waterloo station , if you have any plans of travelling today 😊
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They took most the sugar out of Lucozase and replaced it with artificial sweeteners... not much of a sugar rush anymore 💔


Can confirm they were still handing them out in the afternoon. Peeps seemed to shy away so might even have more just in time to get your sugar rush for home commute :D


I already said if u have any plans of traveling 😊


wow that is a stonking hot deal, how much will it cost most of us to pick up one of these

Free Lucozade energy 150ml can and 50p off voucher inside @ Waterloo Station
LocalLocalFound 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Main Waterloo station across most platforms. Might be other stations too.

Can’t even give the horrible stuff away nowadays! Lol.


It's on again. Waterloo 13th March


Taste horrific now, full of chemical sugar. No wonder they are having to give it away. Horrible. If the sugar tax is such a wonderful idea, how come Coke and Pepsi aren't changing their recipie?


It's because of the sugar tax.


Talking about sweetners etc. Has anyone noticed how Ribena does not taste like it used too. (skeptical)

Free Lucozade (North East & Yorks) dates and locations.
LocalLocalFound 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Invented in Newcastle by pharmacist William Walker Hunter and originally named Glucozade. Free lucozade in these places over next few days. Don't ask how I know. 01-Mar Thurs… Read more
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I guess its so they can see the people actually drinking it, its just a bit odd though if you need to be somewhere, and cant have a open can of drink in your hand, lol


That happened when we went to see the Coke Lorry one Christmas. We asked if we could open it later - it was snowing at the time - they said no, it was the rules.


ive missed ours, don't like it anyway, just wanted to share something. before xmas in my town they where giving out cola. but the people handing them out, where opening the cans THEN passing them to the person after they'd said they`d take one. I just found that weird. It was kinda saying people must drink it now!


Sounds good (lol)


Yeah you can have 50% of the £0 I got for posting this deal. Fair?

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Free 150ml orange lucozade energy at London Waterloo station
LocalLocalFound 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
At London Waterloo station: Lucozade are giving out x2 150ml lucozade orange drinks for free. I went back a few times. Platform 1-8 is where i found two of their set ups. Might b… Read more

Aspartame kills brain cells. Don't know why it's so wide spread


Greggs giving bottles free after 2pm too


You're not wrong but some people don't seem to be able to leave the house without some kind of 'pop' grasped in their chubby mit. We've all seen the articles of how many spoons of sugar there are in just a single can/bottle of this stuff - there's a view that sugar is addictive which may explain some of these unwise behaviours and there's a growing epidemic of diabetes which has the potential to sink the NHS. Of course that doesn't make beer or wine a good idea but the scale of that problem is small in comparison.


I'm not quite sure what your point was then? I'm assuming you're saying don't drink things that are sweetened either with sugar or sweetener in the first place because they're not good for you? But it's not like beer and wine are good for you either and they still contain sugars too (It could be argued tea and coffee aren't exactly great either depending on what you do with them) but people enjoy them so they drink them.


Seems to be people giving out these tiny cans of Coke / Diet Coke most days in Manchester, at the top of Market Street going towards the Arndale from Picadilly Gardens. You get a voucher for a free 500ml bottle too.

Free lucozade cans 150 ml at Westfield shopping centre.
Found 3rd Sep 2017Found 3rd Sep 2017
Ive been to the Vue cinemas, shepherds bush for the jungle bunch preview and just stopped by at the Westfield shopping centre. And saw these chaps handing generously 2 Free lucozad… Read more
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But it's not just 'different' - it's vile!


Everyone's complaining about the taste and that it's different. I started drinking lucozade after they changed it


?. And you are lucky because ... I don't get it?, lol.


Guess I'm lucky that the last time I tried lucozade was many years ago and I didn't try it again until two weeks ago.


Oh, but according to them they had it taste tested and some people didn't notice a difference. I can only assume they were 120 a day smokers with colds & hayfever! When I saw this offer I thought, yep, desperate to try and find someone who likes it.....

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Free Lucozade Sport at Oxford Circus Tube Station London
LocalLocalFound 19th Aug 2015Found 19th Aug 2015
Came out of Oxford Circus, Victoria Line, Argyll St exit, and they are giving away Lucozade Sport at the top of the escallators. Nice if you like lucozade.

Got 6 yesterday at London Waterloo


I read somewhere they had been doing it at Manchester Piccadilly train station all week too.


Nice if you happen to be going to Oxford Circus tube station.


Nice if you live in London :p

Free Lucozade Revive (3pm - 4pm Daily) & Competition Entry (£20 iTunes voucher)
Found 22nd Mar 2012Found 22nd Mar 2012
NEW Lucozade Revive is all about energising your afternoon so our survey is only open between 3 and 4 pm Monday to Friday. ========================================================… Read more

I managed to get one, but when my sister tried she didn't get one. I tried at 3 on the dot.


Interesting theory! I may look into this *gets out magnifying glass* CLUES!


I didn't get one either


They got market research data for a competition entry. Were getting mugged here.


Didnt get one either :(.

Free Lucozade Sunglasses & Road Trip Competition Entry
Found 13th Mar 2012Found 13th Mar 2012
New codes: 352567 826894 Previous codes - 954557 - 333623 and 569446 Possible to use the same codes the next day.. Chance to claim a free pair of Sunglasses. & You will be… Read more

Got mine today-had completely forgotten about applying for them!


got mine today to :) cheers op


got them at last, yay


Sunglasses arrived today! I now can look like one of the cool kids


i hope i get mine soon, i had forgoten about them

Fill in a short survey get a voucher for a bottle of Lucozade Lite
Found 22nd Dec 2010Found 22nd Dec 2010
Found this online. Complete a short survey and get a voucher for a free bottle of Lucozade Lite emailed to you. I'd enter some fake address, and use a spam email address to avoid … Read more
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thank you :)


Agree with you how's that possible :D


Lucozade Lite - a low-calory energy drink?


Should be: Then click on the blue circular icon with a mouse inside of it - which should lead to this link ...


Is there a direct link, I carn't seem to find it on that page? Cheers

FREE 500ml lucozade lite
Found 24th Jul 2010Found 24th Jul 2010
FREE bottle of 500ml 50 cal lucozade light. just need to register but takes a minute. - in this image, the link you should see i… Read more
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Still active for myself and the others who have also commented so i will leave it active just now :)


just printed off for my freebie thanks welshy x


Printed voucher in black&white, and used in Tesco, Eastleigh. Great freebie!!!


I printed in black and was accepted at Tesco. Its price was 95p. Good freebie !!!


Please set to expired, it now gives a buy link instead of the free lucozade

NEW Lucozade Sport Lite BUY ONE GET ONE FREE case of 12 (500ml)
Found 18th Feb 2010Found 18th Feb 2010
My first deal so please be kind, Cheers. Buy one case of 12 (500ml) get one free Flavours: Lemon and lime or Summer berries. 24 bottles ((500ml) for 10.80 = 45p each. … Read more

is this still active?


I can confirm I have just received my order and did not receive any free! I emailed Lucozaed and they replied to say that you can't use the 50% discount and the buy one get one free offer. So this offer is only worth doing if you are buying more than £15 but less than £40.


I have just ordered using this discount code and it has not given me the free cases so I haven't gained anything at all by using this.


Hi, I have just ordered 3 cases of the lemon and lime and 2 cases of the summer berries (with 5 cases extra free) for £27 using the previous 50% off code posted earlier code is RWFEB10 you have to spend £40 for it to work but hey I have just got 120 bottles for less than 30 quid, that should keep my kids in packed lunch drinks for a while.... Hope this helps someone else.....


" Free delivery over £15 (£5 otherwise) " I'll make that clearer then

Body Fuel Powder Large Tub 2 for £25 (will make 60 500ml drinks working out @42p each) was £36.78
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
Body Fuel Powder Large Tub Lucozade Sport Body Fuel is an isotonic sports drink proven to enhance endurance and the ability to maintain a high work rate. It is formulated to tackle… Read more

thats 51p per serving plus delivery if chargeable - please get facts right before posting:thinking:


] very well regarded


Which ones?


H&R added for the price - but i'd still give personally give it a miss - lots of cheaper products some of which are rated far more highly

50% off 1st order from
Found 16th Jan 2010Found 16th Jan 2010
Bottles of Lucozade are CHEAPER from the many other deals on this site, but SOME items and training packs from the website with a 50% off 1st order codes could be useful for someon… Read more
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will try before adding heat, sounds good though


I tried to get the lucozade drinks and was told the 50% off any value stuff had expired, even thought it was still on the main site


tried to buy two of the packs and when applying the code I get Race Day Essentials Pack - K00110 is excluded from this discount Runners’ Training Pack - K00100 is excluded from this discount So its not 50% off everything !!!! as thes packs can have up to 15% off already, why cant I pay full price and then have 50% off !!!!!


yh the other one for over 40 works though


Strange the code is definatly right as the website says this: Your great introductory offer To get you started, we’re giving you a fantastic 50% OFF YOUR 1st ORDER. Simply enter code FIFTYPPC when ordering and we’ll do the rest.

36 x Lucozade Pro Muscle Protein Shake = £27.25 delivered (76p per bottle) - using code
Found 7th Dec 2009Found 7th Dec 2009
Buy one case get another free of the chocolate - Pro Muscle Protein Shake. Maximum of 10 cases per customer. Use the code TW0210, for an additional £5 off. - Go to front page. -… Read more

Each bottle contains a meager 22g of protein and a MASSIVE 6g of fat. Not to mention the carbs are pretty high too. This is more like a dessert rather than an after workout protein shake.


this drink is misleading, shouldn't really be called protein shake when the amount of protein in it is the same as milk...:?


Well one way of getting plenty of drink in loll


:-D Very true, it does have adverse effects in the bowel department for some!


On the plus side, it won't make your man sausage shrink or your farts smell.... :-D :p :w00t:

Lucozade Pro Muscle All in One Powder Tub -  2 For £35 Delivered. Usually £31.99 each.
Found 27th Oct 2009Found 27th Oct 2009
Lucozade Pro Muscle All in One Powder Tub - 2 For £35 Delivered. Usually £31.99 each. Mens Health Offer Code for £10 off on Orders Over £40 before the End of October. Add this to… Read more

Surely GSK who own lucozade could come up with a really good protein shake - they are after all a huge drugs company with nearly unlimited resources - This is not the 1st time i have heard this shake criticised.


there supplements are probably the worst ive seen. Even the protein one has more carbs in it. and they are all simple carbs at that (sugar). Get on bodybuilding warehouse for something cheaper and miles better


i tried one of their protein shakes and it was pretty disgusting had small pieces of god knows what in it but i didnt like it


Sweeeeeet - 38% sugar


Yup... you are missing the voucher code in the op! :giggle:

8 bottles of original lucozade  (glucose or orange flavour) 1.99   lidl
Found 8th Jun 2009Found 8th Jun 2009
lidl had stacks of these on friday ,they normally have the 6 packs on offer sometimes at half price down to 1.99 ,but they had 6 packs with 2 free bottles making it 8 for 1.99 ,i h… Read more

u got that wrong mate the other post is for the 6 packs the normal packs they do .mine is for the 6 packs with 2 bottles free making it and 8 pack of lucozade for 1.99 .making it 25 pence a bottle .


Sorry, previously posted here Spammed.


yes they did have some six packs there as well right next to the 8 packs ,the 8 packs had been on offer the week before in a separate offer £3 pound odd for 6 plus 2 bottles free .but i did query with the staff if the 8 packs were in the 1.99 offer ,as soon as they gave me the green light i was racing to the till with a trolley full .this was in somerset


Oh... got a pack of 6 the other day. Will have to check on that cheers. Yea i take them to work saves me paying a pound on a bottle of coke at the burger van.

19 Bottles of Lucozade Hydro Active - £10.32 (54p Bottle) Delivered @ Lucozade Shop (Cheaper than Supermarket)
Found 7th Apr 2009Found 7th Apr 2009
Using the voucher that i have just posted you can get some great deals. Here is the best i can see... 19 Bottles of Hydro Active Summer Fruits (1 x 12 pack, 7 x 1 Pack) £10.32 (… Read more

Hmmm, yep heat given as its cheaper than RRP. But there's very often (not always tho) deals on at one or another supermarket where these can be picked up for either £1 or £1.50 for 4 bottles. Personally, I just stock up whenever an offer like that is on and they last me until the next one comes around.