Lucy Kingsize Metal Frame bed - £79.00 @ Sainsburrys clearance

Lucy Kingsize Metal Frame bed - £79.00 @ Sainsburrys clearance

Found 22nd Sep 2013
I was searching for a cheap metal bed frame. Came across this post…635 and clicked on the link to see the item details and found that this deal is still available, for a different price.

Just managed to order one. Not sure what are the rules for re-posting an expired deal, with a different price. Also i cant seem to get to this particular bed going via sainsburys website and their ususal clickthrough. So anyone interested can use this url directly…249
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looks good. i got one from homebase a few months ago for £85 which looked really nice.
They definitely last a few years, I'm getting rid of my 3 yr old Sainsburys one now. Only reason is its too squeaky whenever you move in it. Had solved it last time I moved it, but its back and very annoying at the moment. I paid about £13o for king size inc mattress
Anyone bought a wooden bed from Sainsburys? Wondering about the quality generally.
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<£40 for similar at Argos
3 reasons not to buy a metal bed:

1. You cant properly sit up and relax back on them without first fiddling around with a pillow which will end up looking like a pancake 1 hour later, not book worm friendly as I can imagine that is what most people are doing or possibly on their tablets or phones.

2. Gets cold, not nice for your feet if your the length of the bed.

3. After 6 months of Tantric love making you will have lucid dreams of being on a rusty boat with all the squeaking.

Think twice before buying this unfriendly sleeping device!
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good price but as having used a metal bed for good couple of years wish spent bit more and got wooden one , agree with points Kyballion makes
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