Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 6, "Pastoral"  - Download Free @ Alexander Street Press

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 6, "Pastoral" - Download Free @ Alexander Street Press

Found 18th Mar 2013
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Beethoven�s Sixth Symphony, written in the autumn of 1807 through the beginning of 1808, premiered at the Theater an der Wien on a cold December evening in 1808. A lengthy program (the four-hour-long program consisted of premieres of the Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, the Viennese premiere of the Fourth Piano Concerto, selections from the Mass in C, the scena and aria �Ah, perfido�, improvisations from Beethoven at the piano, and a slapdash finale of the work now known as �Choral Fantasy�), an uncooperative orchestra, and a frigid theater left little chance for a warm reception. Today, Beethoven�s �Pastoral� Symphony is one of the most beloved works in the classical repertoire.

The idea of a pastoral symphony was nothing new: Beethoven adapted the titles of his movements from a work by the eighteenth-century composer Justin Heinrich Knecht called 'Le Portrait musical de la nature'. Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, however, is far more than musical painting, but an expression of deep love for the countryside.

Though vastly different in temperament, the opening of the Sixth Symphony is similar to the opening of the Fifth: the music pauses as soon as it has begun. The Fifth begins suddenly and violently, whereas the Sixth�s first movement, entitled �Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arrival in the country�, quite literally awakens. The violas, cellos and basses provide a drone upon which the violins float, suggesting bagpipes and immediately lending a rustic charm not unlike that of the �Pifa� in Handel�s �Messiah�.

The second movement,�Scene by the brook�, is the most obviously pictorial; pulsing eighth-notes throughout depict a babbling brook and the final measures quote the calls of the quail, nightingale and cuckoo. The final three movements (note that this symphony has five movements, rather than the typical four) are linked in a narrative. First, we encounter �A merry gathering of country folk� joined in a peasant dance, and who are soon scattered by a thunderstorm in the fourth movement. The final movement, a joyful song of �happy and grateful feelings after the storm�, concludes one of Beethoven�s most popular works.

This recording is performed by Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine under the direction of Alain Lombard.

Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Mvt. 1: Awakening of cheerful feelings on arrival in the country 9:07

Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Mvt. 2: Scene by the brook 10:39

Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Mvt. 3: Merry gathering of the countryfolk 5:44

Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Mvt. 4: Thunderstorm 3:52

Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Mvt. 5: Shepherd's song. Happy and grateful feelings after the storm 8:31

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