Lufthansa- One Day Sale - up to 20% off
Lufthansa- One Day Sale - up to 20% off

Lufthansa- One Day Sale - up to 20% off

The Sale is now here. With summer on the way, have a look at our fantastic bargains with 20% off selected destinations in Europe. Remember, these fares are only available today! Book now so you don't miss out on these great deals.

Athens £138
Prague £125
Bratislava £140
Riga £122
Budapest £125
Rome £138
Bucharest £137
Sarajevo £190
Izmir £154
Sofia £178
Larnaca £161
Turin £130
Madrid £118
Verona £130
Milan £130
Warsaw £129
Marseille £126
Zagreb £185
Poznan £160


Bear in mind that Lufthansa will not change a ticket that is sold as not transferable. I arrived at Frankfurt airport at about midday for my 7pm flight but they would not transfer me onto an earlier flight even though that would have meant that they could have sold my seat on the later, more popular flight.

KLM have the same policy of cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

easyJet were happy to change my flight when I arrived early at Edinburgh airport and they didn't even charge me the £10 transfer fee. They know it makes sense as it potentially makes more money for them.

I spit in the eyes of those foul Lufthansa and KLM jobsworths. ;-)

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I have never used Lufthansa & wouldnt be able to comment on the service they offer.

This discount may be of use to someone out there!
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