Lukullus Mixed Multibuy Dog Food 30 x 800g Tins £39.95 @ Bitiba

Lukullus Mixed Multibuy Dog Food 30 x 800g Tins £39.95 @ Bitiba

Found 27th Jun 2015
It only works cheaper if you spend over £39, so you Buy 5 x 6 pack on offer at £7.99 per pack.

Bare in mind this is equivalent to 60 standard size cans.

This it high quality tinned food.

This mixed pack has 5 flavours...

2 x 800g: Lamb & Poultry with Potato, Fresh Dandelion, and Grape Seed Oil
1 x 800g: Venison & Rabbit with Brown Rice, Apple, and Linseed Oil
1 x 800g: Wild Rabbit & Turkey with Pear, Oat Flakes, and Black Onion Seed Oil
1 x 800g: Goose & Turkey Heart with Barley, Leeks, and St John's Wort Oil
1 x 800g: Turkey & Beef with Potatoes, Parsley, and Sunflower Oil

They are all 66% meat content Compared with say Butcher's 40%
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wtf kind of marketing prompt us 'try now'...

voted hot because why not.
Great find I have a fussy malamute but tried this and she likes it
Tried these a few weeks ago when they had them in B&M - they had a really odd taste, couldn't place it but wouldn't try them again.
Great with a light Puff Pastry top!
Pricey for tinned soup.
Wtf, I thought this was people food!
Is this human food or animal food?
Dog food
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