Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal SC1999/00 - £223.76 @ Philips - Sign up to Better Me Promotion 25% Off code

Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal SC1999/00 - £223.76 @ Philips - Sign up to Better Me Promotion 25% Off code

£223.76£28521%Philips Deals
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£238.66 code 11NEC20 20% off no sign up to promotion. Add UPS Express delivery £5.99 no extra charge.
Possibly 13% TCB, 7 Quidco.
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This is still expensive. Bought mine 2007 model for £200
Misslovely10 m ago

This is still expensive. Bought mine 2007 model for £200

I don't know much about them to be honest, they seem to have same number of flashes, are some cordless, some mains?
Are these any good .... do they work??
Works for some and finite life as numbered laser shots and no replacement battery.dark hair on light skin best subjects
KamBhatti31 m ago

Are these any good .... do they work??

Changed my life. Suffer from Pcos event hough I'm underweight not overweight so couldn't figure what to do to treat symptoms. Best buy ever. I got 2 at £99 each sainsbury and I got 1 at boots for £89. Best buys ever depending how bad the hair problem is.mi think it's worth 10 times what I paid lol.
These aren’t laser. IPL is different technology. We recent got the first actual laser one approved for home use (Tria 4X) but too early to share results yet...
Best ones are the actual laser ones as they have more power to kill the follicles. They are however 100 quid more !.
Depends I guess how prevalent the area is which needs defuzzing.
I would be going for the laser though if spending so much on a hair removal product, at least you know it's as good as you're likely to get.
The 2007 has worked for me on the whole face! Chin, lip, neck and sides and i have black hair. I use scissors to cut the hair off. Each area took different time to work i.e. the lip took 4 months amd the chin with most fick hair took 9 months. Now its been more than 2 years i own it and i only use it once a month when before it was every week. Odd hairs pop up but id say its 3% of the hair. Just repeat the process.

These are the size of a hair dryer
IPL (intense pulse light) uses light in a very narrow bandwidth in a short pulse (similar to a camera flash). This light is transferred as heat down the hair to the hair follicle to put it in to temporary “hibernation”. Because hair grows in different phases, the hair needs to be treated a number of times to catch all of the hairs in the right phase of growth. You can typically expect the hair to stop growing for around 9 months (younger people might find the effect permanent). Because the light generates heat in the dark hair, it doesn’t work well on blonde or red hair. The light can also generate heat in darker skin tones so the earlier poster is correct to say that IPL works best on dark hair and light skin.
The difference in price between systems is typically a combination of flash rate (more flashes per minute is pricier), bulb life (more flashes are more expensive), and treatment area (bigger window is more expensive). Corded devices are normally cheaper than battery but the best devices have both cord and battery.
Pretty much all the cheap devices are made by the same company. I think all IPL devices are now medical devices and regulated as such.
KamBhatti6 h, 20 m ago

Are these any good .... do they work??

Yes it works if you use it properly
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CYPER11 h, 7 m ago

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ellenw12 h, 25 m ago

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Yes, but it worked now.
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