Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 was £100 now £80 + 5% quidco

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 was £100 now £80 + 5% quidco

Found 23rd Sep 2016
Good price, i have just bought one and I'm very impressed, theres so many features on this one that the starter 30 doesn't have including radio, use as a bed side light (you can adjust how bright it gets, it can get VERY bright), theres also the sunrise and sunset settings which gradually increase/decreases light intensity to simulate a natural sunrise (means i can wake up at 6am feeling like I've had a good nights sleep) you can adjust for how gradually you want to wake up e.g. 20, 30 all the way up to 90mins.

What is also a nice touch is the different sounds you can set as your alarm including birds chirping, crashing waves or even the radio. You can set both the noises and the display to gradually dim throughout the night and stay on at a low level which helps drown out any unwanted background noises.

I can't fault it and seeing as its £100 elsewhere like john lewis etc Its worth the price also don't forget 5% cutback at quidco which reduces the price even more.

Also just seen Amazon do it for £85, elsewhere is £100

Voucher code = BODYKIND10

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Wake up lights are useful, my wife really struggles in the winter months without one. I'm still a bit surprised that they cost so much money for a low efficiency light bulb and an FM radio. We had a Phillips one which was OK, but not particularly bright. It lasted about 3 years before refusing to switch on. We replaced it with a Lumie 2 years ago. I replaced the bulb in it once early in its life (they aren't cheap either). Recently it's started to randomly switch on and off, so it's now useless.

I think I'm going to hack together a Raspberry Pi zero and a high brightness LED table lamp to do the same thing for far less money. The battle will be making sure it's reliable.
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