Lumie Bodyclock Advanced (Bright sunrise mimicking alarm clock)
Lumie Bodyclock Advanced (Bright sunrise mimicking alarm clock)

Lumie Bodyclock Advanced (Bright sunrise mimicking alarm clock)

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Wake up to a beautiful sunrise everyday with this opal frosted glass digital alarm clock. The imitation sunrise wakes you gently, while you can drift to sleep gradually with a soothing sunset, both lasting between 15 and 90 minutes. An intelligent LCD digital display fades to a very low level when you wish to sleep while the `sleepsound` feature creates a white noise to mask disturbing sounds – perfect for light sleepers and shiftworkers.

The Bodyclock Advanced can also be adapted into a programmable security light, coming on at random intervals from 4 – 11pm. With dimmable (to 10%) reading lamp and nightlight option, snooze feature and power failure backup.

£15 off £75+ John Lewis spend still works as the expiry still says 31/01/07 and I checked it via a relatives login on John Lewis (can only be used once per customer)
Would of added the voucher but it's been removed from the listings due to incorrect expiry date

So £85 charge, £5 back via quidco = £80 cost :-D


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Just to show that £80 for this with FREE delivery is very good:


£100 everywhere else and some of those charge on top of the £100 for delivery.

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Ahhh nice find Gary Rip, when I wanted this last month Boots didn't have any stock!

If anyone is interested in one of these bodyclocks but is looking for a cheaper version, Boots.com sells the basic model by the same manufacturer for £59.95. Use PROMO code BFTF77 for 10% off taking this to £53.95. PLUS, at the moment, you'll get 1000 advantage points too for buying one of these (no code needed). Don't forget Quidco for another 6.5% cashback.

It does the basics (tells the time, sun rises and sets with or without beeping alarm etc) and I can highly recommend it for getting up at this time of year:

]Link to Lumie Bodyclock Sunray £59.95 at Boots.com


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madtrekker that was the main reason for me getting one, to NOT get up in complete darkness and feel crap for hours.
Hope it's worth it
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