Lumix DMCFP8 digital camera £99.99 ONLINE @ Selfridges

Lumix DMCFP8 digital camera £99.99 ONLINE @ Selfridges

Found 14th Jun 2010
I have no idea if this camera is as great as the other Lumix camera's. I own a TZ7 and it's the biz. For £99 it looks a steal. I haven't checked other online retailers yet so this may end up cold :-(


Reading a review says there is no cover for the lens (top right)

Which means if you carry it around in your pocket, handbag etc it is likely to get scratched or get finger marks, smuges.

Apart from that it seems to be a fair camera and £99 seems a good price…iew…fp8

4.6x optical, SD card, Li-ion battery. Ticks lots of boxes for me. Doubt the inflated RRP but seems good value at this price.

Bargain, hot from me.

Its a good price but no lens cover is a big concern

Out of stock now but otherwise not a bad "handbag" camera.
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