Lunar Knights DS game - 9.99 at HMV
Lunar Knights DS game - 9.99 at HMV

Lunar Knights DS game - 9.99 at HMV

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"A vampire-hunting action role-playing epic, Lunar Knights features a unique day and night mechanic, wherein players will be able to hunt down the armies of the undead around the clock using two different playable characters, and unleashing powerful elemental attacks using the Nintendo DS touch screen.

The game is set in a bleak future which mixes Gothic and sci-fi elements to portray a world overrun by vampiric adversaries. The two heroes Lucian, a lunar-enhanced warrior, and Aaron, a gun-toting fighter powered by the rays of the sun must work together using their individual abilities to eradicate a dark threat. During the course of the game, the top screen is used for the 'paraSOL' which shows day passing into night, introducing an innovative internal time system that cycles between night and day and generates real-time weather effects, granting additional power to each character's unique abilities while impacting the types of enemies the two heroes encounter on their journey.

The changing conditions have a major effect on the events in the game's levels, shown on the bottom screen, with Lucian more powerful at night and Aaron during the day. Such a system adds a layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay, players must decide whether Lucian's sword will be of more use even during daylight hours and opting to use Aaron's projectile weapons when he is weaker at night."

This is a pretty good game, especially for that price. It feels a bit like a Zelda clone with you running around with a sword, slicing and blocking, but adds lots of other layers once you progress through it (notably a second character with a pistol). Definitely one of the better titles I've played on the DS.


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Thanks sadie. Guess no one else thought it was that good.
It is, though, I assure you! :P

This is back on – I've just ordered it. Found it whilst browsing the clearance section. Reviews for this game seem very good.

Came here to post the bargain, but found this thread already here. Definitely not expired.

SirHugo :thumbsup:
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