Lunchtime sale at Comet
Lunchtime sale at Comet

Lunchtime sale at Comet

Save up to 40% on this year's must have gifts
Limited offer- Friday 11am till 2pm only


Nice find!

This is the 3rd thread with this deal!

I think you'll find this is the first thread ;-)

I am in the process of removing the duplicate threads

One's already gone ;-)

Everyone's getting excited today I think :thinking: Must be because it's the 1st December Already!

thats a bit wierd, i sumbitted this earlier, searched for 'comet' before i submitted it and this deal was definititley not here.
But the time shows that it was probably submitted before mine (which has been deleted).

Never mind as long as we get the deal posted!

Yours was 9.41am phil001 Just checked for you.

Ok, thanks, wierd though!
Doesn't matter anyway!

not anything good on sale

Seems to be stuff on now, 10 mins early

If you find anything decent, please post it in the forum as well as here

wowwww, great deals :thumbsup:

This promotion is up and running now 5 mins early

anyone found anything worth having yet?

Ive taken a look and not much on there really!

Is it just the 6 items?

Where do you find the discounted stuff?

I cant find anything either :-(

Sounded good "up tp 40% off" - but nothing there for me !

It's not very exciting is it ??????:giggle:

not very good, was expecting more products:-(

Thats it?:-( I was dreaming of a nice 42" lcd:thumbsup:

I got my hopes up and were dashed.
Oh well may be next time

Rubbbish :-(

The Homedics Shiatsu chair isn't a bad price, I was after one 2 weeks ago and this is the cheapest I've seen it.

A good choice for aches in your back

Air Hockey table looks okay too... £39.99

Its like the Comet auctions a waste of time looking.
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