Lurpack Spreadable. 500gr. £1.50 @lidl

Lurpack Spreadable. 500gr. £1.50 @lidl

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Great price for this. It is £2.69 in my local spar and much the same in the supermarkets.


Good price, Lurpack is decent stuff.

I have a repuation to keep up I can't be seen in Lidl:-D

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I have a repuation to keep up I can't be seen in Lidl:-D

:giggle:had me balaclava on:whistling::p

Good price OP.
Some supermarkets have it at £2 or 2 for £4

Yes this is a fab deal it is normally £2.41 in tescos but you are right perkzy they have it on offer at the mo for 2 for £4 as I have just bought some.

Does anyone know when this offer expires please

I'm away to get some now, have some heat


I use Lurpak, always. Tho' never needed the speadable concoction. Just decant it to tiny ramekins and leave those out of the cold room. Or warm straight from the block by butter-curling it to your tost.

I'll be going for some of that:thumbsup: Had to make do with Flora Buttery today on my roll and it's awful

Yikes, sorry lurpack sucks! the reason? 25% vegetable oil. No thanks :x If I want butter, then I'm having butter - kerrygold spreadable is the one, 100% butter too...…ed/

Jkerrygold has 10 percent cows ass though.

Morrisons have this at £2.40 for one or £3.00 for two - so a valid alternative if you don't have a Lidl nearby or can't bear to drag yourself in there.

butter me sideways. what a deal

lurpack on toast i think,yum

One of our preferred spreads, very nice price :-)

Gotta love Lidl, helping me through the credit crunch!

buy this anyway - great price - thanks

Good price but its a shame its not butter

Heat added Rosie.:thumbsup:
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