Lurpak Spreadable Original or Lighter 500g £1.99 @ Lidl

Lurpak Spreadable Original or Lighter 500g £1.99 @ Lidl

Found 16th Dec 2012
I don't think anything beats Lurpak, especially on hot toast. This is a great price for the larger spreadable which is £2.98 in Asda.
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Not sure why this is voted cold. Voted hot
Seems like a good price to me

Not sure why this is voted cold.

£1.50 in Asda

£1.50 in Asda

Is this £1.50 an instore offer as online its showing £2.98 for 500gr but is showing £1.60 for 250gr.

Is this £1.50 an instore offer as online its showing £2.98 for 500gr but i … Is this £1.50 an instore offer as online its showing £2.98 for 500gr but is showing £1.60 for 250gr.

groomy2004 was joking. It is £2.98 in Asda, £3.00 in Sainsburys
Asda (my local anyway) still have the 1kg for £3.
my local sainsburys in Bristol Clifton down has the 250g ones for 99p
Countrylife is nicer

Countrylife is nicer

Oh no it isn't ..

Oh no it isn't ..

Agree totally
KerryGold is better than Lurpak and country life..So there ner ner!
Lurpak for me darlings

Butter, especially ghee/clarified-butter, is good/soothing/"cooling" for the neck/throat/cervical - but only that butter which is not mechanically/artificially "processed". More so when the butter is not truly/fullly butter but mixed with vegetable fat or some other addition thereof - should the vegetable fat, added to delude the "expedients" by using words like "spreadable", be not mechanically/overly "processed". A minefield upon a minefield. What is more alarming is that they do not need to do that because the true cost of any item in the Taxation & Credit based economies championed and instituted in "Westernised" countries is mostly of taxation and not of reality. The reason this "Chosen Few" method of stealing from the goo-goo, ga- ga's is employed is because it has been proven to be the best way of looting whilst being seen to be "reasonable"/saintly. Witness, therefore, the division being championed from both sides of the divide via the process of "Viewpointing"/"Opinionating". The cervical, btw, is one's ability to witness and is represented by the dichotomy of Anger [on the right] and Guilt [on the left]. Anger institutes Hight Blood Pressure whereas Guilt institutues Low BP within the human mechanism. All that is then left is for that Tentacle of The Bookie, Quackery & Handler, to come to one's rescue via their motto, Repeat Prescription, via the mechanically/artificially processed arena of more pills than pillaging. Imagine, killing you softly whilst deriving your worship. You really cannot make anything up when Devolution is the human's minds of The Past and The Future.

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KerryGold is better than Lurpak and country life..So there ner ner!

Lurpak has a better Butter content than both of those. So Hot from me. Got 2 on Saturday.
Bought some in Lidl's today and its no way better than Kerrygold butter, much nicer flavour from Kerrgold and nicer colour too, Lurpak looks anemic in comparison
Oh yes it is!
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