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Posted 2 August 2022

Lurpak/Lurpak lighter Spreadable Slightly Salted Butter Blended with Rapeseed Oil 500g £3 @ Iceland

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To create Lurpak® Spreadable, we blend pure Lurpak® butter with rapeseed oil making it spreadable straight from the fridge. Try it on your favourite fresh bread and top with whatever you fancy. Be inventive, see where the flavours take you.. Made from natural ingredients. Lurpak® butter blended with rapeseed oil. Free from palm oil. From pressed rapeseed oil only. Packaging not suitable for microwave. Contains no colourings, preservatives or other additives. Suitable for vegetarians. Kosher ­- D. Lurpak

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    Same price as the 250g size but doesn't show the previous price? Still showing as £5 on trolley. Just hope it isn't a mistake but if it isnt great price.
    It's a new 7 day deal. When I put in basket it is £3

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    Went to Aldi yesterday and purchased their Norpak version - 500g for £2.15.. In my opinion it tastes even better than Lurpak (edited)
    The Morrisons own brand one is perfectly fine too. They're all just butter and oil. There aren't many ways to screw that up. I don't know why people pay so much more for Lurpak.
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    It's defo Nationwide instore also online just pick 3 up from shop price promotion clearly marked on shelf as well .
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    Can you buy in shop at this price ?
    Think it's online only. Wasn't in my local today.
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    £5 in my local just back.
    At the till or shelf label?
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    Anyone bought it at this price from Iceland?
    I was going to,but they wanted £25 shipping.!!!
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    47946017-fcj1q.jpg (edited)
    It's on their website at £4, and no offer shown. Is the screengrab from facebook current? (edited)
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    My neighbour bought 5 packs at full price to have a bit of a stockpile.
    Explaining his reasoning he said "I only like the finest things in life"
    "Is that why you drive a Citroen?"
    He shut the door on me
    Didn’t one of the luxury brands buy Citroen’s air suspension because it was absolutely amazing? Even if that’s not true, even Clarkson said Citroen’s Aircross suspension was second to none
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    Iceland has become one of the most expensive supermarkets I find, rarely go there now.
    You are absolutely right! Unfortunately a lot of people think it’s cheap. Yes they do some good deals on frozen food, but other grocery items are really expensive.
    Morrisons is similar…some decent 3 for 2 deals but their own brand products are usually more expensive than other supermarkets. (edited)
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    Why not buy butter for £1.75 and add a little oil yourself if you really have to.

    Alternatively, keep it out the fridge all day ready to use in a butter dish - with lid. You know, like people have been doing for decades.
    Scottish by any chance ?
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    Have to say even though it's not my bill that's getting hiked when ppl do that it really really irks me. Only the other day a bloke in front of me in Aldi left it wide open after nabbing some frozen peas. As he was considerably bigger than me I decided against tapping him on one of his large shoulders and instead just made sure it made a loud noise when I shut it. He didn't turn round. (edited)
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    Don't forget if over 60 there's an extra 10% off in store today

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    They wouldn't give you it because you're 54, not because they are strict.
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    Also £3 in Heron

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    It's only a best before date. It'll be good for ages.
    When we came back to the office post covid in October 2021, we found some Lurpak in the fridge with bb date of 2020. It was still great and we finished the tub.
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    No gold flakes?
    Adding gold would devalue Lurpak.
    £2.85 for 250g in my nearest shop
    Lurpak, not gold.
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    Just had a thought on how to avoid the price hike... Don't buy it!
    I actually prefer low fat margarine. I've never liked butter tbh.
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    Suspect a lot of Lurpak will be reaching it's sell by date soon as it sits on the shelf unsold.
    I suspect that is why the price is being dropped, close to sell by date. Unless you use lots of the stuff not worth stockpiling
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    Keep away from seed oil folks

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    We've evolved to digest all kinds of fats, how else do you think we're able to digest them...

    Science helps us to understand what is good and bad for us. Foods rich in saturated fat and cholesterol can be very bad for us, they can be consumed in strict moderation and people remain healthy but a diet rich in saturated fat is not a healthy one. A proportion of saturated fat will be converted into cholesterol, and along with the cholesterol you consume, will help to clog up your arteries and put you at a much higher risk of heart disease.

    Many of our ancestors died young, precisely because they were consuming too much of this crap. At least these days we understand what too much cholesterol does to the human body. (edited)
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    The price is still OTT when it's not even butter :-/
    No - it's better because I can spread the frigging stuff. You need that oil to get it to spread, and nobody pretends it's 100% butter. 64% will do me just fine (although prefer the Cheaper Asda own brand with teh same content)
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    I'm baffled as to when Lurpak became a benchmark for our economy. Overrated and if it's even more expensive, find an alternative. I've bough Lurpak in the past when it's been on offer and really didn't get the hype.
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    Don't know why this exists, not a single benefit over butter from what I can tell.

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    Fair enough, just pointing out that in my house (I don't live in a cave underground or anything) the butter is fine at room temperature(20C is room temperature, spreads lovely) for more than a month and always has been, butter is less processed (and possibly better for you but who knows, you can find arguments either way), and tastes better.
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    Will this come with a tag lol
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    Lurpak spreadable butter...invented in 1903
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    Aldi the price was £4.50
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    Any Iceland coupons doing the rounds? I'd like to stock up on some of this but as I need a £40+ shop for delivery I need a bit more incentive than just cheap Lurpak (good start tho). Was a time I couldn't go a week without receiving one from them now they haven't sent me owt in the last month while Ocado have been really good for coupons and actually even become somewhat reasonable of late with some of the coupon deals they have been doing
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    Is this the spec that racketeering supermarkets are selling for £7 ?
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    Are these Iceland offers also present in the food warehouse? Or is it totally separate?
    Should have the same offers, Food Warehouse is a bigger Iceland.
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    Dear butter loving folk, you may actually like rapeseed oil.

    . (edited)
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    I used to think this was real butter for years!
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    Personally like butter not spreadable - big difference
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    Shows how messed up the UK is when Lurpak deals are trending
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    Must location or branch specific as definitely not in Staines
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    Kind of funny how it is more than half the price here than it is in Denmark (EU) though. £3.14 for 200g block. shop.rema1000.dk/var…511 (edited)
    Maybe because Denmark has a higher cost of living, compared to our lower average wages etc.
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    Once you add to it it's just not butter any more, it's margarine. And you may as well buy cheaper marg. Gimme grass-fed irish butter anyday.
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    Utterly Butterly is better
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    Everything is expensive now shocking how they increased the priced compared to last year 🥲
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    OOS now (at least in my area) typical it happens just as a new £5 off code (KIDSFIVE) is released