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LUSH 50% OFF Boxing Day Sale - £3.95 delivery / free over £45 @ Lush

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About this deal

50% off selected Lush Christmas Gift sets and bath bombs, starting at £1.25

Snowman Finger Puppet
BATH BOMB - Playful candy-sweet, buttery mint / Was £2.50 Now £1.25

BATH BOMB - Comforting bear hug in the tub / Was £3.00 Now £1.50

Sweet Christmas
GIFT - A pair of products for sweet teeth / Was £9.00 Now £4.50

Snow Fairy
SHOWER GEL - Iconic candy kindness / Was £6.00 Now £3.00

Star Bright
GIFT - Three bombs for shining soaks / Was £18.00 Now £9.00
LUSH More details at LUSH
Community Updates
Lush Christmas sale went live at 8am!

There’s 50% off many items including loads of gift sets!

Also free delivery when you spend £45+

Here are some highlights.

Cranberry Christmas Soap Was £6, Now £3


Ocean Salt original face/body scrub Was £22, Now £11


Blackberry Bath Bomb Was £4, Now £2


Christmas Bliss Gift Set Was £45, Now £22.50


Lush Advent Calendar Was £185, Now £92.50

There’s a few Sale items back in Stock
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    It’s not a waste of time! I had to try a few times and it worked eventually.
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    Absolutely despise this part of Christmas.

    Husbands, brothers, women for their mother in laws, etc, all clearly paying well over the odds for daft soaps on the lead up to Christmas all so Nana can open a pomegranate and eucalyptus bath bomb, only for everything to go down 50-70% on Boxing Day.

    I know, I know, everyone does it. I get that. But these must just make what they make in December to fund them for the whole year.

    Sorry, rant over, heat added all the same, I know some people with skin conditions rely upon their stuff etc.
    The reason why when people ask what I want I say a Lush gift card - and every year I double what I would’ve got by doing their Boxing Day sale.
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    Lush Sale is a game. You gotta play the long game. They fluctuate stock throughout the day. Just keep refreshing and stuff will become available. Keep your orders around £45 so you get the free delivery but also it doesn’t mess the entire basket up if something is no longer available. If you understand website development, you would understand why lush do this. Just be patient and you will get your lushies. I got £350 worth (£175) with 3 orders.
    Yep they do it every year
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    Plenty of stock keeps appearing on this page. Just keep checking, as more stock has been appearing throughout the day. The sale page does not appear to be any good anymore.

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    I put the stuff in my basket last night and when I woke up the price had gone down. I ordered straight away without any problems.
    This is a whole other level of Boxing Day sales! Clever clogs haha!
  6. Avatar
    advent left too

    snow dragon left

    Who expired it? Stuff still coming in and out of stock. (edited)
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    What a waste of time got to checkout a number of times and the whole thing crashes ! Life is to short to waste anymore time sorry Lush you need to find a better provider for your website check out protocol 
    Yes been sat with over £70 in the basket and wouldn't go any further. Now everything out of stock and not even adding anything to my basket....grrrrrr
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    The worst sale ever every year. Always crashes at checkout and you lose your basket! Infuriating
  9. Avatar
    Thanks OP - ordered as soon as you posted, after 16 years of only using Lush this was the easiest sale ever

    That is so true! It was fairly easy this year!
  10. Avatar
    Went to Hull store with the misses... £280 later have a happy misses.
    Fair play to the staff, trying to keep the shelves stocked up.
  11. Avatar
    As unless as every year for as long as I can remember. Website slow and everything out of stock!
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    Went in store for the sale as it’s only a 10 minute walk to just get some lush fairy body cream and shower gel, I like the stuff. Low behold the mums in full force with cracked out eyes, frothing at the mouth pushing to get 3-5 bottles of everything they can.

    I get it’s a sale, but calm down like your life depends on it
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    Done the online sale this morning and just been in store - they are literally packed to the ceiling with gift sets, all sizes of Snow Fairy, Elf Shake etc., and bath bombs 
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    Can't believe it! I got the LUSH sale this year. Thanks to hubby for my anniversary lush voucher, came in handy. Wow. Everything is going to go fast... so glad I saw this first thing and hubby could look after our 6 year old so I could actually get the stuff this year. Thanks OP
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    Back online just now. Still, I am pretty certain their website is built by a child and driven by steam.

    49146414-j6na2.jpg (edited)
  16. Avatar
    seems like their website can't handle it lol
  17. Avatar
    Websites crashed won’t load prices. Waste of time
  18. Avatar
    Everything is now marked as unavailable  
     So assume sold out 
  19. Avatar
    Oh man, missed it again
    You missed nothing. Website kept crashing and deleting basket.
  20. Avatar
    Can’t add anything to bag or see prices, infuriating!!!
  21. Avatar
    Whatever I select isn't getting added to the cart
    I’m adding what I can get and my bag is empty, given up now
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    The whole website is struggling so it’s hard to see what might still potentially be in stock. I’d been planning on adding a couple of new stock bath bombs too but everything seems to be unavailable.

    It would be worth checking intermittently through the day. Also bear in mind that you might see additional stock added over the next couple of weeks from store stock sent back to the warehouse.
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    Managed to bag some snow fairy stuff for the wife bit agreed awful website.
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    Half my basket was OOS while trying to check out.
    It’s so frustrating, surely you’d think once it’s iin the basket it should be reserved by you? (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Managed to get some gift sets
  26. Avatar
    Took forever but i managed to get the advent calendar. Wish they’d sort this out, every year it’s the same.
  27. Avatar
    Just sent my husband into the store at 2.45. Major shopping centre. Found everything I wanted. Now just wondering if I can cancel or return my online order.. (edited)
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    I like Lush, I hate their website shopping experience. I have given up.
    Yeah we was stood for 2 hours in the que before store opened. Was trying to buy online whilst waiting.
    Still worked out easier to wait in the que then order online.
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    Nothing left. Expired.
    Candles left, people don’t seem to rate them though
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    We’ve just been. It was a madhouse in there. But we still managed to get almost £300 worth of stuff for half price. The missus was overjoyed and I was just carrying the basket which got very heavy, very quick. It was good though. Heat from me. (edited)
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    Placed an order but website crashed
  32. Avatar
    Website knackered.
  33. Avatar
    Websites a joke
  34. Avatar
    Terrible website
  35. Avatar
    My cards been charged but no order confirmation or order number. Harsh
    Took about 20mins for my order email tocome through.
  36. Avatar
    Website absolutely crap, sadly will all be gone by the time most of us get on it!
  37. Avatar
    Keep trying. Items keep coming back in stock
  38. Avatar
    I’m fuming! I managed to order some bath bomb sets and a few other things, checked out straight away and received an order confirmation, followed by a cancellation email literally seconds late for the entire order! Never gonna bother again!!
  39. Avatar
    I’ve managed it okay just now 🙌
  40. Avatar
    Managed to get an order in finally! Website useless as always. Wouldn't add to basket. Keep trying, it works in the end