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Free bathing product for NHS Staff at Lush stores (London Oxford St, Bath and Birmingham - possibly more)
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th MarLocalLocal
Free bathing product for NHS Staff at Lush stores (London Oxford St, Bath and Birmingham - possibly more)
Lush are offering a free bathing product for NHS staff in store. Currently appears to be in Bath and Birmingham but I imagine it could get extended further.

Harrods, Selfridges, Ikea, Zara, Clarks, TK Maxx, Oxfam have closed down for now. Is that extra few quid worth it!!! Lush health hazard right now for marketing a gimmick


Yep, let's encourage people to visit a store and risk everyone's health for a freebie. Absolutely, utterly cold.


Amazing how fickle they are.


Cool, thanks for adding this info!


How nice of them

Lush 50% Boxing Day sale
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Lush 50% Boxing Day sale
Lush in store 50% off everything
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Still some stores with sale products on offer. London Liverpool Street had two 12 days of Christmas boxes reduced from £80 to £40 London St Paul's had a lot of individual items such as body conditioner, solid shampoo, and soap. No bubble bars or bath bombs. London Paddington lots of soap bars and some large bottles of liquid shampoo. I didn't see anything I liked so didn't buy anything.


The last set of bubble bars I bought in October were nowhere near as bubbly as previous years. They've definitely changed their recipe. Not worth buying even at half price anymore.


I buy there more often because they do. Swings and roundabouts.


No thanks, wont go near their products or shops since they insisted on making political statements


I love Lush products but have heard very bad things about how they treat employees here in the UK ;(

LUSH SALE NOW ONLINE - 50% off selected items
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Posted 1st Jan 2019Posted 1st Jan 2019
LUSH SALE NOW ONLINE - 50% off selected items
Lush are having a online sale as of today. Go quick before the site crashes.

Its the only way I can protest about their terrible treatment of the police. Lush wont care that I wont shop there but I do.


That being said, why boycott a company on an opinion that differs from your own? You likely have friends that would disagree with you on this topic among others. There’s room for multiple opinions and Lush make great products and have a great stance on animal cruelty and ethically sourced ingredients. I don’t think one admittedly poorly executed campaign warrants a permanent boycott.


We are never going to agree. I think the campaign was a disgrace. Best just to leave it at that.


Oh, I see, you don't understand consent, how disturbing. These women have been violated, and the officers involved were not actually allowed to start relationships or have sex with these women, but never mind that eh.


Items just been restocked. Shoot for the stars - £2.48 Lush pud - £2.48 Night before Christmas gift - £6.48 Merry Christmas gift - £12.48 Ginger bread sparkle jar - £4.25 Merry Christmas bath melt - £2.98 Bauble bath melt - £4.98 Snow Fairy body conditioner - £4.48

LUSH Sale 50% off Christmas line and other products in-store
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Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018LocalLocal
LUSH Sale 50% off Christmas line and other products in-store
Details vary vauge. In store only Christmas line has been discounted 50% off along with other products such as left over Halloween products and products made past a certain date… Read more
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I think I went a bit overboard buying gift sets instead, I love the snow fairy so well stocked for the year.


Went in today, stacks and stacks of giftsets 50% off and products too


Sorry about that! My store had so many bath bombs we were running out of room in the massive store to put them! Hopefully you got something!


I went in the Nottingham store today queued from 10 till 11 and got in first time, not impressed with the lack of Xmas bath bombs on sale only had 3 types, there were mostly gift sets in the sale.


Took 40 minutes to get into the Nottingham store this morning and I cleared the shelves of the last 6 bottles of Snow Fairy (100ml bottles) and a Snow Fairy gift set. Snow Fairy is the only product from Lush that my girlfriend likes so this will make a great and unexpected Valentine’s Day gift. She will love it so thanks for the heads up OP. (y) I also can confirm that this was the only store that I saw with a queue to get into this morning. I think they might just about survive the boycott from people who believe everything they read.

It’s Christmas Deer - £49.95 @ Lush (£3.95 delivery)
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
It’s Christmas Deer - £49.95 @ Lush (£3.95 delivery)
Lush deer inspired gift set, includes bath bombs, body lotions, bath bars etc

The only time I go in is Boxing Day or day after


It’s cheaper to buy them separate, lush is too expensive 😞


It wasn't a campaign against the police, it was a campaign against a few police who broke the law. No one is above the law, not even the police.


So you're OK with police misconduct then? You're OK with officers deceiving people into sex and/or relationships?


It was disgusting that Wetherspoons pushed Brexit.

Lush - Dirty solid Perfume £9 / £12.95 delivered
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Posted 1st Jun 2018Posted 1st Jun 2018LocalLocal
Lush - Dirty solid Perfume £9 / £12.95 delivered
#flushlush A sophisticated, fresh fragrance. Dirty is a multi-layered spearmint, tarragon and thyme perfume that hits you like a breath of fresh air. Spearmint is the refreshing,… Read more
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I don’t know of the specifics relating to Lush, but certainly anyone that has been ‘kettled’, or taken to court because the police withheld vital information, to say nothing of Plebgate, may see them in a different light! They are not beyond reproach and the days of Dixon of Dock Green are long gone. Of course, there is good and bad in every organisation and there are many fine people in the force that put themselves in the firing line, but it only takes a few to tarnish the image of the organisation as a whole.


Read about this today and really don't understand what the fuss it about. They're not anti police at all, they're just against those police tactics.


£9 for 6 grammes! This is actually worse than their 'bath bombs' ( sodium bicarbonate + citric acid + oil and perfume ) for ridiculously inflated prices. I let my Year 8 pupils make them as a treat and they cost out at pennies, even with the oils and perfumes.


With all thats going on in the world, attacks and Knife crime, and Lush not supporting our police. Then it's cold from me and my family


#fluslush. Cold from me

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Lush 50% off everything instore - Middlesbrough
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Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017LocalLocal
Lush 50% off everything instore - Middlesbrough
Walked past Middlesbrough Lush and theres a huge queue owing to 50 % off everything..... Not sure if this is store specific.....

How long is the sale going to last for? Walked through town yesterday but was too busy to actually go in :(


Why do lush USA get to have a Xmas sale yet we don't. 50% off in store or BOGOF online


This is JUST the Christmas stuff, NOT on everything in the store. Went today, and it’s specifically the Christmas products. Brilliant prices, well worth a visit, but please edit the original post.


First time I've ever been to a store for the sale (after the last year's ordeal I'd already decided to go even before they announced there'd be no online sale this time). I was 36th in the queue at Chester, waited just over an hour to get in and was absolutely delighted - they had tonnes of stuff, I spent £78 (after discount) and that's me sorted for the year probably. The queue by the time the store opened probably had a couple of hundred people in it but given the amount of sale stock I'd be surprised if anyone came away disappointed. Lush staff in Chester were great - the queue and store access was well managed and they were all their usual cheery selves


I was in lush bluewater today and it wasn't to bad not everything is half price though just a few things

Lush Boxing Day 50% Off Sale
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Posted 25th Dec 2016Posted 25th Dec 2016
Lush Boxing Day 50% Off Sale
We've dusted off our maths textbooks and worked out a fantastic 50% off discount on all Christmas and Halloween products and all year round favourites made before October 1st 2016.… Read more

My local shop (plymouth) had new stock of the Christmas stuff in on New Year's Eve, I got 2 x northern lights and 2x never mind the ballastics bath bombs. Smell heavenly


went to my local store and still quite a bit of sale items left, bathbombs, christingle, shower jellys etc


Not really greedy because theyw ere oaying customers..


I would seriously recommend hauling your derrieres' down to your local Lush store as you may be surprised just what is still available in the 50% off sale. I popped into Milton Keynes today, was about to leave as I couldn't see anything, and there on the table near the exit were two gift boxes marked down to around £20 - I kid you not, just before I picked them up I overheard a member of staff saying they had "we have no Christmas gift boxes left".


Mine is still set to pending although it has arrived I have not had a dispatch email. Just had a text saying my order would arrive today.

Lush Half Price Christmas Sale!
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Posted 24th Dec 2015Posted 24th Dec 2015
Lush Half Price Christmas Sale!
Every year starting for boxing day, Lush has a half price sale... 50% off! Bargain if you love lush like I do! This offer has been both online and in store on previous years, so ge… Read more
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Recieved my order today got everything i ordered.


I received an email saying mine would be posted out on the 10th at the latest. I received my first order 3 days after I placed the order. Its looking like nearly 2 weeks for this one. :(


Normally only takes a couple of days im hoping i get it friday fingers crossed.


Mine has been sent out as well :) hoping it's here soon


Just had an email that mine has now been sent out.

Lush half price sale!
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Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
Lush half price sale!
All lush christmas products and gift sets half price - Instore and online :) If you go in store , there should also be products that aren't from the christmas range for 50% off a… Read more

Put in a huge order for about £100 worth of stuff on Boxing Day that still hasn't arrived. Got a confirmation email and then nothing, most of it was intended for gifts as I had various family birthdays through the beginning of January and I know they love lush, I appreciate the fact that the sale meant they had an influx of orders so they must have been busy but really? Don't take the orders if you can't meet the demand. I'm even more bitter at the fact they charge close to a fiver for postage and packing, whereas places that don't charge a penny who have also certainly been busy over the festive season got my orders to me in a matter of days. Also, most dirt cheap store bought shampoos and body washes contain SLS but people with sensitive skin usually end up going to the salon or the Internet and seeking out SLS free, and there are loads of, relatively cheap (compared to lush) brands, that do SLS free. Now, lush, who put themselves forward to the customer with their fancy website with pictures of fruit and seeds and claims of 100% natural and vegan and good to the earth and who charge close to a fiver for about 100g of shampoo or body wash (so next to nothing as 100g of liquid is nothing and yet that's how they measure their body wash) not only use SLS or SLES but they use loads of it because it's dirt cheap and it brings profit up, but it's terrible for your skin, I was absolutely gobsmacked when I checked the ingredients list of the tiny bottle of body wash I got in a gift set for my sister, SLES, fragrance (and lots of it) and parabens, and it cost me more per 100ml than the fancy stuff I use that's paraben free, SLS free, fragrance free and almost 80 percent plant butter and oils (so amazing for your skin) in fact I couldn't count a single ingredient in there that was beneficial for your skin, I counted more than five different skin irritants, which is kind of shocking when you think about how they promote themselves to the customer as pure and ethical and natural when they're no better than cheap-o store bought stuff, in fact they're kind of worse because at least with store bought stuff you know what you're getting isn't going to be the absolute best but it's cheap, with lush you're paying premium for the same ingredients that's been dressed up by a fancy marketing company to make you think otherwise, so you're being deceived, deceived out of your money. That's just my two cents though, I'm not trying to convince you not to shop at lush, just to be more informed about what you're putting on your skin and just because "everyone else does it" (meaning store bought stuff) doesn't mean it should be the norm and certainly doesn't mean a premium price range brand like lush should.


How long is this on for do u know is it till they run out or is there a date


Comment Stores still have it on sale - I was in peterborough yesterday and their stall still had all variations of single items but only a few gift boxes :)


So...I'm guessing there's no sale anymore?


Don't most shampoos have SLS in :| I don't see why it's okay for everyone else to use it and not lush......? lush don't claim to be natural. nor do you have to use the shampoos they offer. I Agee that maybe they should consider having an SLS free option for people who are allergic or sensitive but they shouldn't need to to change their whole range of shampoos because of it.

Free music to relax, accompany spa treatments or get babies to sleep
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Posted 5th Jan 2014Posted 5th Jan 2014
Free music to relax, accompany spa treatments or get babies to sleep
Not for everyone, but if you want spa music to accompany your facial, massage, etc or just to unwind you have several options from Lush all free to download and reuse. I've also… Read more

Thanks :)

Lush Half Price Sale Now Online!
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Posted 26th Dec 2013Posted 26th Dec 2013
Lush Half Price Sale Now Online!
The Lush half price sale has just started online - loads of different products this year and more were added while I was placing my order! Best of all, the website is operating no… Read more

Went into my local store five days after Christmas, they had loads in the sale. Gift boxes with ten bath bombs £16 Loads of snow fairy gift boxes etc, etc all 50% off. Both my teenage girls have Birthdays so I was very happy with all my purchases.


i got lots of lush goodies for christmas including snow fairy and stuff but i'm allergic to them pm me if you want some


sale now over :( missed it


I keep all my lush stuff in a dark cool drawer and tends to last me a few months then.Mainly bubble bars and bath bombs i use though.


LUSH cosmetics have a short shelf life so do check the expiration dates. No doubt that'd make an embarrassing gift. As was the rash inducing gift set I just got :(

lush happy hour ...half off christmas bits
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Posted 3rd Jan 2013Posted 3rd Jan 2013
lush happy hour ...half off christmas bits
there is an additional sale section just gone up on lush again just a few christmas bits... for those who are stuck at work and can't get to a lush... this will have to do .. bt… Read more
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basically all the stuff left over from the store. they need to get rid of it somehow, but I dont understand why they just didnt leave the damn sale open online until it was all gone! noone cares for a slice of the 'north pole' two weeks into january!


delivery is £3.95 :(


Weird. This is the same price as it's been in the lush sale since christmas...

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Posted 26th Dec 2012Posted 26th Dec 2012
have several items (not Xmas marked as 00.00) i added them to the basket and it didn't charge me any extra they probably won't honor it but just got a confirmation email and it say… Read more
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I have seen it as well but didn't order as I thought it was a glitch and wouldnt work now im gutted. So I was just wondering if you have received your 0.00 order :) If so congratulations.


Have you received your order ?


Have you received your order ?


Any chance of a link to a £0.00 item or have they fixed it?

LUSH sale now online - patience needed!!  50% off sale items
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Posted 26th Dec 2012Posted 26th Dec 2012
LUSH sale now online - patience needed!! 50% off sale items
The LUSH sale went online at midnight - 50% off a small range of products. Mostly individual bath and shower items, there were only a couple of smallish gift boxes. It's taken me… Read more









Has anyone received their telephone order yet? Thanks.

Free lush workshop and make your own Bathbomb to take away !
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Posted 15th Apr 2012Posted 15th Apr 2012
Free lush workshop and make your own Bathbomb to take away !
Visited lush today and the compounders who make the lush products are on tour. If you visit the store on the date you can make your own bath bomb to take away :) its a limited edit… Read more
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28-Jul - Stratford City is in East London.


wow coimg to my town, makes a change :-) i guess may 12th, my day they are coming will be the day schools off and the shop will be full of make up caked teenagers getting in the way of life basically. lol i hate kids :D


Hi Do you know if the Stratford one is On Avon or London?


Lush, thanks!


All in an effort to get foot traffic and to get you to buy something! But a DIY freebie is always good.

LUSH...Last chance to buy sale so postage applies.
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Posted 9th Jan 2012Posted 9th Jan 2012
LUSH...Last chance to buy sale so postage applies.
As the cheapest postage is 3.95 it's obviously not worth buying just one item BUT, if you're a Lush addict like me, well worth it to stock up.

Now from 95p :)


More stuff added to the 50% off section :)


Sites working fine today :)


Site down


NO gift sets left....just bath stuff.

Free Relaxation Music - Download Free Mp3s @ LUSH
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Posted 28th Dec 2011Posted 28th Dec 2011
Free Relaxation Music - Download Free Mp3s @ LUSH
As an extra gift from us to you, here are a few tracks from the Lush Spa CDs for you to download, listen and enjoy. No Need To Give Email Just Click Download Be transported at th… Read more

Cheers OP








Thank you

50% off Xmas products and those made before Oct at Lush
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Posted 26th Dec 2011Posted 26th Dec 2011
50% off Xmas products and those made before Oct at Lush
I can't see a thread on this but I think the search thing is rubbish so I'm happy to delete if there is already a thread on this. In store today starts the 50% Xmas stock. Actuall… Read more
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LUTON had loads left today :)


I called my nearest (sort of) store and asked what they had left as I didn't want a wasted journey. The assistant has put some away for me :)


Sale is over. Their website is working now only because they have taken the sale off. I called their online help desk and they confirmed all sale items are sold out. I am rather angry as I have been trying pretty much every waking hour for the last three days and could never get on!


Haven't been able to get onto the website and I've been trying since yesterday. I've never trusted their website much anyway since the hacking fiasco where they got hold of our information. Shame, because I love their stuff and don't live near a store :(


Websites been down for hours :(

50% off LUSH Christmas Gifts instore from tomorrow
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Posted 25th Dec 2010Posted 25th Dec 2010
50% off LUSH Christmas Gifts instore from tomorrow
50% off in store only On the Lush website it shows they will be selling off all xmas products & gifts at 50% off and also anything made before Oct 2010 aswell. See post 5 by … Read more
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Any idea what time York lush opens tomorrow please?


They're still a good buy at 50% off. If I didn't have to travel so far I'd go for it! Shame the online deals are never as good,,,I never bother because postage bumps it up even more :(


i was feeling hard done by too! had a ball last year, buying what i needed and then getting free gifts, i think its the thought of something "free" lol wont be rushing over this year im afraid :(


Guess we were spoiled last year but 50% off gift boxes just doesn't seem that great when we were getting £40 gift boxes free with a £20 spend before :-(


thanks - i have added to the top ;) [snipped by DBA for length]

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