Luther series 1-3 DVD Boxset £10 @ Amazon

Luther series 1-3 DVD Boxset £10 @ Amazon

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The first three seasons of the BBC crime thriller series starring Idris Elba. Brilliant but flawed murder detective John Luther (Elba) sees it as his personal crusade to track down the depraved killers it is his job to identify. But as he struggles with personal demons, his strong moral code cannot always be relied upon to protect him from the dangerous violence of his own emotions and passions. Warren Brown, Dermot Crowley and Ruth Wilson co-star.

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Not seen this higher than £10 since the 3rdseries on TV

great show highly recommend this show! Elba is great!

Good series, looking forward to the specials later this year.

same price as tesco.

great series though

Brilliant series

Excellent series. I would be tempted by this if it wasn't for the fact that I have many unwatched dvds already that I never get round to watching, instead preferring to fritter my time away on the Internet on various websites of varying morals and repute, and playing PC games.


Not seen this higher than £10 since the 3rdseries on TV


This is also on Netflix for people who don't do physical copies. Good price imo and a superb series. I really hope they make season 4.

Great show, gutted that there are no more.


One of the best tv series ever seen!

Enjoyed this. But cheaper on Netflix if you want to binge on it over a month.

Not Expired Still on offer
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