Luther: Series 1-3 (DVD Boxset) Tesco Direct £10

Luther: Series 1-3 (DVD Boxset) Tesco Direct £10

Found 14th May 2015
Starring Idris Elba (THE WIRE) LUTHER is a deeply thrilling crime series, crackling with energy, distinctive characters and snappy, clever dialogue. On a moral crusade, too often with only his convictions for company, John Luther is a deeply troubled man, a philosophical cop possessed by the insoluble problem of evil and justice in a Godless world. Confronting depravity in its many terrible forms, over a succession of psychological duels between hunter and hunted, perpetrator and prey, Luther reveals his capacity for violence as well as kindness; his sudden vulnerability and dizzying, visionary mind; why his wife left him for another man, and why his colleagues are frequently left open-mouthed in awe. As the stakes get ever higher and more personal, Luther's lonely path pulls him towards the very edge of temptation. Will the relentless pursuit of light tip him into the ultimate darkness? This collection brings together all the episodes from the first, second and third series of the show.
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Quality show

I just can't understand why Alice has never got here own series....she's one creepy, sexy bad ass
Fantastic show, roll on season 4!
Absolutely brilliant show. For those of a nervous disposition, watch season 3 episode with care. It have the missus nightmares for a week!
Oops. I meant S3e01!
Still no Blu-Ray
Great program and a good deal!

Is there going to be a fourth series?

Great program and a good deal!Is there going to be a fourth series?

yup due out this year

Would like to see Idris in the 007 role (_;)

yup due out this year

Sweet, looking forward to that!
It's £8 from cex
Great series. Imaginative plots and quality acting made the crappy formulaic Scott & Bailey series that started around the same time (and is still rubbish) look like it was written by a 10 year-old in comparison.
Oos at Tesco and cex want £2.50 delivery - I assume from cex they are used and not new?
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