Luther Series 1 £5.39 @ Bee *Using Voucher*

Luther Series 1 £5.39 @ Bee *Using Voucher*

Found 29th Jun 2011
Now even cheaper! My last deal got voted very hot at 5.99, Bee have price matched, so now its only £5.39 at bee using voucher code! Gutted i paid the extra 60p

Type CHESTER at the checkout!

Brilliant Series, a must watch!

Edit: 6% quidco/TCB! Bringing it down to almost a fiver!
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Stringer Bell!
Honestly the best thing the Beeb have done in years..

.. can't believe the second series is over next week.

4 episodes?! Criminal!

Fantastic series - cannot recommend is enough. HEAT!

Stringer Bell!

Do you disapprove?
Don't forget 6.06% TCB.

Honestly the best thing the Beeb have done in years..

Would agree regarding series 1 but series 2 is such a let down.
I thought they would have explored more into his dark side in the new series, instead they have made him in to a supercop making detective work look easy - Luther can simply predict every move of those he is pursuing and can look into a crowd of people and pick out the murderer, just like that, its that easy.
Barksdale man!
6% quidco, maybe, but as it works out as 33p, I'm not too bothered if it doesn't track.

Just got email from Quidco showing as tracked @ 36p on the £5.99!!!, so that'd make it £5.03 if it goes through. RESULT.

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Hesitated when I went to buy this from Amazon the other day at £5.99. £5.39 and hopefully 6% Quidco on top. Thanks OP
Thank you so much for posting this Deal. I have bought it for a Christmas Present for a Pal.

Once again thank you.

Grabbed, cheers
I enjoyed the first series. Wasn't until I'd seen on Iplayer there was a second series. Wasn't advertised very well, I just assumed it was Luther season 1 again on BBC. No mention of Series 2.
Just started watching this, thought i recognised his face, couldnt believe it was stringer bell! He had me fooled
I've only seen the 2nd series so I'll look forward to a look at the 1st.

I thought Idris Elba was great in the film 'Legacy; Black Ops' too, for anyone interested in his stuff (other than The Wire).
And he was superb in the film Sometimes in April, a film about the Rwandan Genocide. A great versatile actor
Quality series. Ordered.
Gutted this series is only 4 episodes if this is the case but it's not as good as the first anyway. It needs a bit more "Alice madness". What was the point of him busting her out of the loony bin if she's not going to show her pouty face again ?
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