luxor 16" led tv £85 @ Asda

luxor 16" led tv £85 @ Asda

Found 24th Jan 2011
spoted this in a goerge store today 85 down from 100 but not on asda website, i dont know much about luxor but seem to get decent comments in the customer reviews at asda
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I didn't even think they made tvs lower than 19 inch anymore.
I think i would rather go for the 18.5" Samsung @ Morrisons for £99

is that led , bargain if it is


I think i would rather go for the 18.5" Samsung @ Morrisons for £99

I bought this last year when it was also on offer at £85. 16" suits the space we have in our kitchen for a little telly - it's quite good for the money but has a couple of dead pixels, takes a long time from switch on to a picture actually appearing and changing channels has a strange pause first.

That sounds harsh, it is the 4th important of our 4 tvs and does the job fine.
This isn't LED!

its got led in 5inch letters across the top of the box!


This isn't LED!

Have it your way!

This isn't LED
I'm intrigued, if its not led how can they get away with saying it is
And more to the point if its not led then Asda should have a responsibility to replace it with an led tv , could be on to a bargain could you tell me why its not led please
And more to the point if its not led then Asda should have a responsibility to replace it with an led tv , could be on to a bargain could you tell me why its not led please
Post a photo of the box that has LED in "5 inch letters across the top"

Until then, I'll stick with this is not LED.
I would if I knew how , ill have to repost it, I'm not an idiot I know there's a lot on here , but wouldn't post a false deal give me 5
Here is a link to the 19" version - "Luxor 19" LED TV",default,pd.html

Please further inspect the "specification" tab data:

"Colour Black
TV Type LCD"

Thank you, goodnight.

reposted could you please set straight the first post , thanks
Ive got one of these and it is LED but LED edge lit or backlit still a LCD but with the LED see even this Sony is a LED LCD ya muppet…004?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B00421BMJ6
Ok have it your way too, a link to a Sony LED proves this economy £85 TV is LED edge lit.

It isn't, but let's not argue with a link to a £700 Sony product.

I'm truly out this time, enjoy your Asda LED tellys guys!
take it like a man ya muppet check out the specification of the Sony it states Display Technology LCD. Thing is the Asda tv is only good for a kitchen and its cheap of course it aint as good as the Sony but not every one can afford the fancy makes.
It's an 85 quid telly that I thought may come I'm handy for kitchens or whatever what's the big deal , you said you bought one last year
It's the fact that not everyone can afford the decent makes that made me post this , and the fact that lakeside now proven wrong about the lcd led thing is now comparing a budget tv from Asda with a top if the range Sony proves my point , I keep my eyes and ears open for bargains but won't be sharing them on here again , goodnight godless
It is an LED telly......
Lol... love that lakeside guy!!

Clearly doesn't understand that LED refers to the type of backlight used, not the type of panel used...
Nice to be loved.

This is an LCD TV, not an LED TV as claimed. Got to love that bilbob guy!

If I'm wrong I'm wrong and I'll hold my hands up to it but there is no doubt that this deal, entitled 'Luxor 16" led tv' is not correct - whether it is an LCD TV with LED backlighting or whether it has no LED at all - it is technically NOT an LED TV as claimed.

A Ford Fiesta with a 12v battery isn't an electric car!

Edited by: "Lakeside" 25th Jan 2011
what exactly do you think an LED tv is??? An LED tv, is an LCD tv with LED backlighting, as apoosed to older fashioned ones with (I think..!) flourescent lighting. It's not little LED's in the screen you know, making up the picture...
As I said, you may be right. My believe is that this is an LCD TV (possibly with LED backlighting, possibly not) but it is an LCD TV not an LED TV.

You are indeed correct that LED and fluorescent are two types of backlighting found on LCD TVs and as such I don't recall previously seeing adverts for "fluorescent TVs".

My feeling is that we will have to agree to disagree!
Edited by: "Lakeside" 25th Jan 2011
Lakeside, any TV that is currently on the market as an LED TV is strictly speaking an LCD as they all use the same type of panel. Asda has just as much right to advertise this as an LED TV as Sony, Samsung or any other of the big players. Are you saying no one should advertise LED TV's?
I am saying firstly that I bought this TV and there is no evidence (or indeed claim) for it being in any way LED. As I have said, I can quite easily fade away from this topic but if I am wrong I am wrong and I will be here to accept that. Maybe this is an updated unit to the one I have.

Just to return to my initial reply, I bought mine for 85 quid and LED or fluorescent or cathode ray tube, as a small tv for a small kitchen I am entirely pleased with it and would recommend it. For the record I voted this deal hot
An LED tv is a tv who's screen is made up of very small Light emmiting diodes (Ie LED.s) Each Pixel is made up of 3 LEDs RGB which provide the various colours as th CRT TV's has 3 (RGB)coloured phosphour spots which were lit up bt the cathode ray scanning the screen.

LCD screens use three layours of LCD's (RGB) to represent the colours and need a backlight to display the colours through the three layors. Its cheaper to manufacture LCD screens as each pixel is not a discreet item, whereas the LED screens are. The backlight for an LCD can be provided by any white source of light i.e. LED or fluorescent the difference is in their power needed to give the bright white light needed.
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Bought the Luxor 16" LCD TV/DVD Combo for my daughters bedroom in December. Now my son wants one too, went along to Asda today and they're out of stock SOOOO I bought one of these 16" LED(?) TVs.
Great value (both models) but you're overlooking a really important feature here!- both TVs have USB interface at the rear and built in software allowing you to watch video from a USB pen drive or even a hard drive without the need for an external player! Ideal for small bedrooms, kitchens or office.
Lakeside why be so pedantic you muppet
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