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Luxura Bathroom 4 Panel Folding Bath Shower Screen Chrome 1000mm Reversible 4mm Glass - £79.99 with code (UK Mainland) @ Plumbworld / eBay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great price for 4 Panel Folding Bath Shower Screen for £79.99 with code LOVEYOURHOME. I think it has been posted once in the past for £85.02

Next best price is from Amazon or ManoMano for £99.99

Features and Benefits:

  • Four fold panel
  • Polished chrome wall profiles which are made from aluminum
  • Stunning Chrome frame
  • 4mm thermally strengthened glass
  • Fast installation
  • 1400mm high screen to protect from overspray
  • Reversible wall fixings to fit whichever end the bath is
  • CE Approved and tested to BS EN 14428
  • FREE 10 Year Guarantee for complete peace of mind

A folding bath screen is very convenient for those who lack the space in their bathroom but still, want the protection from excess splashes and sprays from the shower. The Luxura 4 Panel Folding Bath Screen is a great buy for anyone who is tired of nearly slipping over when hopping out of the shower, due to water on the floor.

When not in use, other shower screens can look clunky and unflattering to your bathroom, however, when you're not using this shower screen you can simply fold it away, allowing you to effortlessly switch between bath and shower enclosure!

Please note: This bath screen moves 90 degrees inwards and 90 degrees outwards, so a total of 180 degrees.

The folded width is 60mm.

Folding Shower Screen Design
  • Most shower screens don t use a frame because they re normally a single pane of glass.
  • This particular product however features a brilliant folding design with each pane being enclosed within a beautiful polished frame.
  • It looks great, saves you space and makes your bathroom feel a whole lot bigger!

Fine Quality CE Marked Products
  • These shower screens are manufactured to a very high standard with the glass being CE tested to ensure compliance with BS EN 14428.
  • This means that strict testing has been carried out to guarantee safety for use here in the UK.

4mm Thermally Strengthened Safety Glass
  • This bath screen is made using a thermally strengthened glass which is not only stronger than standard glass but safer too.
  • It's lighter than 6mm glass which makes it both cheaper to buy and easier to fit.
  • The reduced weight also makes for easy opening.

1400mm High Shower Screens
  • When sourcing these shower screens we have taken into consideration the average size of a British bathroom.
  • To ensure they re compatible with most heights while still providing ample protection for your floor from water overspray.

Reversible Wall Fixings
  • No matter which end of the bath you have your shower, this shower screen will fit thanks to it's handy reversible fittings.
  • It's a great addition to provide your bathroom with protection from overspray.

Polished Chrome Wall Profiles
  • Securely fixing this bath screen to your wall is the gorgeously finished, polished chrome wall profile.
  • They re made from aluminium for longevity and weight reduction meaning they won t just look great but they ll be easy to fit too.

180 Degree Pivot
  • This bath screen is able to pivot 90 degrees each way, giving you more flexibility and space when getting in and out of your bath.
  • The pivot enables you to easily move your screen in and out of the way when in or out of use.
  • The ability to move your screen also allows for easier cleaning of both the screen and your bath edge.



eBay More details at eBay

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  1. friar_chris's avatar
    Too many folds for my liking. Each a point where things can go wrong. If I didn't have room for a single pane to move, I'd use a good old fashioned shower curtain.
    Mentos's avatar
    Have them on two of our bathrooms. One failed now after 13 years (other one is still fine), which is why I’m looking at this. That’s the kids bathroom, so I suspect they’ve been yanking at it.

    Only issue has been hard water stains, but we’ve got a water softener now. Dirt/etc hasn’t been an issue at all. It essentially gets a wash every time you have a shower and there aren’t any horizontal crevices for the water to sit. 

    Have the room for a single panel, but prefer these as we also use the bath sometimes. Don’t like feeling boxed in by the panel and in the kids bathroom it’s a pain when you’re trying to wash them/etc.
  2. LordFlashHeart's avatar
    I've had one for the last 5+ years and the only issue I've had is finding decent replacement seals (the one the goes along the bottom which closes the gap between bathtub and screen)

    Cleaning takes minutes with some shower shine and it looks like new.
    xenept's avatar
    Have you ever found any replacements?

    They look nice until water leaks under them. The seals eventually give way and then you end up with water leaking.
  3. mwa's avatar
    Have had a 5 fold one for past 6 years since bathroom was redone, still works perfectly and so much better than the shower curtains we had in the old bathroom.
  4. galactico's avatar
    I have one of these. Nearly 3 years use now. The main issue is the seals getting mouldy on the bottom
  5. scottg's avatar
    Any good?
  6. Besford's avatar
    4mm not great - 6mm far better.
    WordlyTraveller's avatar
    4mm for a folding screen isn't the worst. The 6mm ones will be pretty expensive. If it was a fixed screen, then 6mm for sure.
  7. cb3611's avatar
    The bathrooms in these product pictures always seem larger than my entire first floor.
  8. MohammadG's avatar
    Wouldn't count on the "Guarantee" on these...
  9. ukbill69's avatar
    I have one for the last three years and the seal on the bottom is rubbish. Seals nothing. You have to get it perfect to almost seal. Bad design.
    LordFlashHeart's avatar
    You probably have not fitted it correctly as ours seals perfectly. What you can do is buy a seal that is deeper or not as deep as your orginal.
  10. Sharan_Bezawada's avatar
    Could see i am getting charged for postage??
's avatar