Luxury HollowFibre All Seasons Quilt - KingSize

Luxury HollowFibre All Seasons Quilt - KingSize

Found 8th Feb 2008Made hot 9th Feb 2008
Was £60.00 - £90.00 > Now £14.00 - £20.00

3 tog combination for all year round comfort. 9 tog for spring & autumn, 4.5 tog for summer and 13.5 tog (9 + 4.5 tog) for winter.

Item No.: 3127002044

Cover fabric: 50% polyester 50% cotton, filling: 100% hollowfibre polyester

Machine washable

All other sizes are still available.
Use free delivery voucher as well.


Fab price I bought the Super Kingsize when it was reduced to £31.50 and thought that was a bargain but for £20 it is a steal.

Don`t forget Quidco for 4% cashback
And promotion code SHA1 will give you free delivery

Original Poster

Forgot about quidco

Ah, the luxury of polyester!

Just what I was looking for, and at a bargain price! Thanks to the OP. Voted HOT.

Excellent price - I bought one as a spare.

Great price thanks !

Great spot, Thanks!! Also picked up 4 bounce back into shape pillows for £12 reduced from £40. Missed out on them last time but now back in stock. ;-)

absolute bargin.
I got the double & the super king size for £28.80 including delivery (excl. Quidco)
I used 2 codes from the voucher section and they worked.


absolute bargin.I got the double & the super king size for £28.80 … absolute bargin.I got the double & the super king size for £28.80 including delivery (excl. Quidco)I used 2 codes from the voucher section and they worked.

which two codes? can you pm me pls.

PNLP gets you 20% off, and you can use it with the free delivery code.


Thanks OP, crabbit & Fozzza -- bought with quidco, free delivery, and added pillows! Nectar points too.

got the quilt and the shape up pillows used quidco, SHA1 for free dilivery, and PNLP for 20% off and well as using nector point aall in all pretty hot.

Thanks, just got the Double for £12.80 delivered, voted hot!!

King is £14:thumbsup:

great deal i wanted new king size duvet.

voted hot, great find.

Thanks for this - discount codes worked for me the second time around...

Cheers to OP and peeps who give the codes! Great offer....thank you! Voted hot and rep added.

I tried this with codes PNLP and SHA1. It would not authorise any of my credit and debit cards. I rang them, and they told me the SHA1 code was only for Debenhams gold cards. So that might be why it was refusing to authorise my visa card.
So I went back and tried to order using just the PNLP code. But it refused to authorise again. And I can't remove the code now.
They also told me that orders sometimes go through with out of date voucher codes, but they stop them at dispatch - so that might explain why some people didn't get orders before.

Thanks for this OP, brill price, voted hot :thumbsup:

Went for a king and a double for £27.20 delivered + will get quidco and nectar points.

Hope it comes off, Debenhams are renowened for having no stock of these as their online stock system is poor.

got superking for £16 inc delivery, plus i get 4% quidco, 1% nectar and 1% on my credit card back

Great find. I ordered a Double for 12.80 delivered:thumbsup:

Used codes:PGAP,SHA1,PNLP

Total cost of products: £16.00

Total delivery charges: £0.00

Total discounts today: -£3.20

TOTAL: £12.80

Just ordered about £50 worth of these quilts. Thanks for the lead.

Very hot , thanks a million.........but.........the pillows have "sold out" , I just wasn't quick enough ! !:thumbsup:

Where would you buy decent priced duvet sets for the super kingsize?

Just ordered King. Used Quidco and both codes. Seemed to go through ok. But we all know how bad Debenhams are for actually having stock on these orders!!

got my bargan quilt and used the codes thanks

Thanks for posting this, needed a new single quilt and got free delivery with 20% off too. Very happy :-)

managed to get 2x superkings for £32, free delivery and quidco, thanks for this OP, voted hot.

I can't find them anywhere. Help.

Go to quidco, type in Debenhams, then click the link to their site,
enter the item code, remember to enter the discount codes at the checkout.

No, it wouldnt work when I entered the item code. It wants me to put a letter in.

duvet came today- very happy with it thanks op. x

Looks like the've done it again!

I've just had the amount they took 1 week ago refunded to my CC, so no duvets for me!

Bloody typical of this outfit.

Anyone else receiving these things?

I've just had my money refunded. Customer service couldn't give an adequate explanation - 'supplier problems', 'faulty stock', no use at all!! :x

Same situation with the pillows I ordered. No explanation offered.

Wasn't impressed with the amount of paperwork that they sent me either - why do they send an invoice by post when the transaction was processed online?

I ordered some towels about 15 months back with Debenhams and had the worst online buying experience ever. Totally appalling. Some arrived, some didnt, some got cancelled then still arrived, some were said to have been sent but never turned up. Their Customer Service set up was terrible. I had to call 2 different warehouses as they could not liaise between themselves.

After 3 months and about 20 phone calls I finally got my money back and the part set of towels returned. I complained to their Chairman Office who sent me a £10 gift voucher so I returned it and said if that was what they thought all the hassle was worth they better keep the voucher as they obviously needed it more than I. They then sent me £30 in vouchers but I vowed NEVER to use them again for online shopping. Their infrastructure is in the dark ages.


I am so angry.... not even a refund ... they are offering credit on their gift cards arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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