LX Direct half price mid season sale
LX Direct half price mid season sale

LX Direct half price mid season sale

Got a booklet through the post with alot of itms in the mid season sale. Doesnt start until Wednesday but may be worth a look especially if some of the vouchers still work.

There seems to be alot more for the ladies in the booklet not sure wether this would be the case online to.

Starts Wednesday 9am
- paulharrison11


Thanks paulharrison11

LXDirect is now rechristened as Littlewoods Direct

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Oh Yeah forgot to mention that, thanks edi :thumbsup:


Oh Yeah forgot to mention that, thanks edi :thumbsup:

No probs

I've attached some codes to your OP.

Littlewoods are having the same too.....It's a few pounds more for littlewoods but free delivery...Thanks for the codes for lx direct


Thanks for the tip paulharrison11 :thumbsup:

Since the Tosibha Laptop saga I will not deal with Littlewoods or LX Direct. I cannot trust them again.

just a personal comment...i wouldn't touch littlewoods with a bargepole

i have never had anything but problems with this company...especially when you ring their customer service

i was once told a telephone number to ring...which didn't work (deadline) the reason it didn't work.... because i was in the wrong part of the country for that telephone number to work:whistling::thinking:

I've had this catalogue for a few years now and I've never yet had a problem.


BUY NOW PAY MARCH 07 discount at LXDirect

Coupon will be handy:whistling:

Word of caution, make sure you choose to pay by credit card unless you want to sign up for a credit account (not very clear). I had numerous problems with this company.

Great post, got the leaflet through yesterday at home, but when i went to order the stuff i wanted it was out of stock. If this has happened to you, it's worth knowing that Great Universal seem to be stocking the same items in the Sale and most items are in stock still. They didn't charge P&P so worked out only £3.50 more for the Diesel T-shirt than LXdirect. Not bad, still got 50% off. Diesel T-shirts and some other stuff that has sold out at LXdirect are still in stock

Hi Guys

i just wanted to know how can u use the 30 pound discount voucher ZG0333
on LX direct .. i tried to call and placed my order and the lady told me u must have a 8 digit ref number starting with a w i think .... how can i have this where its my first time buy at this store and one more thing this voucher is for first time buy as well .. can any body help cheers
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