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Posted 15 September 2022

Lyca Mobile 100GB 5G Data + 100 International Minutes & Roaming - £10 for first 3 months (£20pm Thereafter), 30 day contract @ Lycamobile

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Lycamobile use O2 network.

Lycamobile More details at Lycamobile
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    Unless your only planning on using for the 3 months and then cancelling the following is a better deal

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    I believe you'd be better off with TalkMobile and their 100gig plan for 12~/month (30 day contract) assuming you can get signal (vodafone)
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    To anyone buying a Lyca SIM for the first time. Remember you have to activate the SIM when you insert it in the phone . When you place your order they send you an email that has instructions with an activation code do that to activate the SIM ( most people forget the email ) so it would be like this

    *116*pin number# and then press the call button to activate the SIM . I know it seems quiet simple

    But I told my niece and she forgot for the last week she's been using WhatsApp only and today she tells me calls and messages are not working . I asked her did you activate the SIM she says she forgot 💤💝
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    Avoid like the plague! Customer Service is dreadful.
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    Crap 4G network
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    Still rocking my 1p/m for 12GB

    Lyca seem OK. Not seen any 5G yet, but the LTE is quick enough. I had to call them to port my number as the submitting the web form seemed to feed directly in to a blackhole, but once I called them it was next day.
    They cancelled 1p deals, with no warnings
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    Watch out. These fools like to not renew your promotional plan into month two and you end up with nothing/having to pay full price. Customer service is abysmal too. (edited)
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    They just terminated mine too
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    Avoid , do not even think about them, cancelled mine and load of deals and customer services won’t answer why