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Posted 11 August 2022

Lyca Mobile - 12GB 5G data, Unlim min / text, 100 international min. 1p for six months (then £6.90) EU Roam 3.5gb @ Lyca Mobile

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Lyca use o2 network. 5g on Android. 3.5gb of EU roaming included.

STILL WORKING! Bought another 2.31pm Friday. (Was expected to end Sept 1)

You can delay activation up to 30 days from purchase.

No credit check. It's a rolling 30 day deal, not a 12 month contract. Cancel at any time without penalty by unticking Auto-renew in account. Or port out.

Tethering? Yes. WiFi Calling? No. VoLTE? No. Shortcode SMS? No. eSim? No, but they're working on that and 5g for iPhones.

Some members report receiving £2 credit reward for porting their number in. When they hadn't!


Info added by @Professor

Lyca Mobile 30 day SIM card for only £0.01 per month for first 6 months, £6.90 thereafter.
12GB data
Unlimited UK Minutes & Texts
100 International Minutes
Unlimited Lyca to Lyca Calls and Texts
EU Roaming

*International Calling Countries
Australia| Austria| Belgium| Bulgaria| Canada| China| Croatia | Cyprus Greek| Czech-Republic| Denmark| Estonia| Finland| France| Germany| Greece| Hong-Kong| Hungary| Iceland| India| Ireland| Italy| Korea South| Latvia| Lithuania| Luxembourg| Malaysia| Malta| Netherlands| New Zealand| Norway| Poland| Portugal| Romania| Singapore| Slovakia| Slovenia| Spain| Sweden| Switzerland| Thailand| United States

Why choose Lycamobile?
No contract, change/cancel anytime
No Credit Check
Keep your number
4G / 5G** at no extra cost
Lycamobile More details at Lycamobile

Community Updates
Now actually shows 1p at the checkout. No more speculation or doubt:

Screenshot courtesy @Super7
Strewth, Lyca website and payment system so FLAKY compared to smoooth Lebara! After multiple attempts, finally ordered two SIMs using same details but as separate orders (SIMs added to first order in basket do not get the offer included), and managed to pay by PayPal by going back to main site then basket. Their website crashed after each payment and I only knew it had worked when I received separate PayPal confirmation of 2x1p payments instantly then Lyca mobile emails half hour later.
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    Heat, may actually buy this one
    Reminder, lyca use the O2 network (edited)
    I used both sims in London, i found lebara better network, more faster than lyca
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    Are there any benefits of using Lyca over Lebara apart from piggybacking off a different network?
    o2 instead of voda, 3.5GB allowance in EU instead of 30GB, and no wifi calling on Lyca... that's pretty much it
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    All we need now is a £48.50 5g note10

    Come on @merb0786
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    Received sim today and the pack said the PIN to activate the plan is on the email sent out to me, however I never received any specific email with a pin to activate the plan bundle. I only have the email confirmation that my sim order has been placed… So the sim is pretty much empty at the mo. Any help would be great ???
    Check your email "Subject: Order Confirmation- Lycamobile SIM" The Pin is under "Activation
    PIN code"
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  6. Avatar
    I activated two of these sim cards for two separate phones. Bit of a fuss to activate but got there in the end.

    Literally a few minutes after activating the first one, I get a spam sales call from IP Voice Networks Ltd. Only Lyca knows the phone number I believe...
    Some cold callers use whole batches of phone numbers which are auto-called by computers and passed to agents when the call is answered, but that is not to say your suspicions are wrong just that there are other possibilities.
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    Third time lucky on the chat - this was the response

    I was looking at the latest offer you have which is 95p per month for the first 6 monthsA couple of people have told me that when they have ordered they have only been charged 1p for the first month, in line with the current Lebara mobile offer Do you want to activate the plan Can you confirm that this is true please and if so, will it be for the first 6 months at 1p per month? 02:24 pm

    Gowtham: No. Actual price is 0.95p
    Gowtham: No offer currently for 1p.
    0.95p - Still trying to undercut Lebara!!, just not possible to charge less than 1p.
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    Would you guys go for this or the Lebara? I've used three for years and am looking to escape.

    Replying to

    I ordered both and have also been following both threads.
    It will depend on your own circumstances and signal strength where you plan to use it

    For me personally I think Lebara edges it so I have ported my main number to them and will use Lyca one as a backup (as my mobile is dual SIM) - I have also ordered Lebara SIMs for the rest of the family now
    As the signal strength is about the same where I use it, the things that influenced me are:

    1. The initial set up of the Lebara SIM was easier/more straight forward
    2. The Lebara app appears to be better
    3. I have got a total of 4 SIMs for family members and have got them all registed under 1 account in the App
    4. According to the MSE details (below) Lebara has Wifi calling but Lyca does not
    5. Lebara has free roaming in 41 countries and Lyca 31(not that I will test this out much)
    6. I also believe that Lebara gives you all 12GB on roaming but Lyca gives 3.5GB (but this is subject to confirmation)
    7. From user comments in the threads it appears that Lebara provide better customer service than Lyca - but this is only anecdotale as I have no personal experience yet (edited)
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    You can cancel Auto-renewal by dialling *190# and entering 1 to confirm the cancelation. This option is also available online. Log in to your My Lyca Mobile account and go to Overview > Click Here to View plan Details > View Details > Cancel Renewal.
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    Was also charged 6.90
  11. Avatar
    Libara 1p deal is on the better network. Lyca runs of 02
    Not for me, Voda is poor near me where as o2 is actually usable, so it's really up to the individuals situation
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    Wish Lyca sold gas and electric!
    I could honestly do with 6 months worth of full tank of fuel for 1p pm for the first 6 months*.
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    My phone after this Lyca/Lebara battle... so many spare sims...
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    Haha Lebara and Lyca battling it out when FREE ?
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    48002275-NxbLj.jpgI'm confused my order said this?
    Have I just got a unlimited everything sim for 1p pm?

    Replying to

    I clicked "Get Deal*" at the top of the page >.<
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    but you're agreeing to 95p so even if they initially charge 1p... they could come back to you and bill you 95p for remaining 5 months?
  17. Avatar
    For me it says 95p not 1p

    Replying to

    When I go to fill up if I put in £60 diesel it only deducts £30....but updates to £60 few days later....what if it's the same....if it's in black and white can't dispute that...best to wait...imho.
    Edit....now 1p on website (edited)
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    Just for info if u request to keep your number and are using the app to monitor, once your pac has gone through you need to log out the app and log back in with your new old number

    Replying to

    the Lyca Mobile SIM number is the 18 digit long number that came on the plastic holding the sim
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    Lyca took 10p, not 1p, now I am severly overdrawn, they will pay for this, think of the children
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    It says EU roaming, but is it free?
    When you go to their roaming page & put in as example Austria to Uk it comes up with 15p/minute
    3.5gb of your 12gb allowance can be used in EU. Looks like calls and texts may be that price, though if you get your fam on this deal, their roaming info says "free Lyca-to-Lyca calls and texts as standard." (edited)
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    Definitely going for this one, I got the Lebara SIM today and the 4G speed is very poor compared to Giffgaffs, Lyca use O2 as well so should be better for me.
    Have you tried resetting network settings. It's worked for a few
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    Just asking, is it good to have multiple SIMs in hand?

    I have 3 Lebara SIMs with 1.99, 1.5 and 0.01 per months activated 😁. Anyone to guide here.

    Replying to

    Yes check the Lebara thread
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    So which one is better to use data in EU Lebara or Lyca?

    Replying to

    Full 12gb on the Lebara deal, 3.5gb on Lyca. Sensible to get both as you never know whose network will have coverage at your location(s).
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    When can you cancel and can you tether?
    A 30 second Google search confirms the following:

    - Cancel at any time.
    - Yes, you can tether.
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    Received but they never sent the pin by email, so useless.
    Have a look on your email receipt, I made the same mistake
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    I purchased and activated the SIM while the 1p offer was still on... I happened to check my account just now and they have reverted to £2.90!!! I only got it to check the signal so will cancel the autorenew - but it may be worth people checking to see what they've done on their accounts....48166946-Av8Ic.jpg (edited)
    Same here
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    are we sure there are no catches if and when you cancel at the 6 month point ?

    Replying to

    There's no contract/line rental/credit agreement with this sim. It's just a recurring monthly payment of a penny. If you're that paranoid just cancel the payment directly with your bank then the next time they try to take payment they won't be able to.
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    These are an absolute joke of a company my partner ordered a sim a few weeks ago, but never received her pin code and transaction ID for her new SIM. Apparently they are supposed to email this to you and without it you can't use your new SIM card. She has emailed them but they never respond, she called them but got nowhere. They kept asking for her transaction ID which she never received and then when she asked to cancel they said they couldn't without this transaction ID which they never emailed her. They are pretty useless.
    The activation PIN, order number and Reference number are in the original Order Confirmation email.
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    How long have you got to do a activation of sim ? As Lebara with new sims is 30 days.
    90 days confirmed by Lebara CS. So if you buy more than one, you can have NINE months of 1p service. (To avoid double porting hassle, best to use Lyca for at least your first 3 months, then activate Lebara and use it for the remainder.)
  30. Avatar
    Given Lebara offers more EU roaming GB, i'd say that's a better deal. Also, mostly Vodafone is superior to O2
    if you have dual sim, get both
  31. Avatar
    Ordered this

    It seems to be harder to cancel than Leb which is worrying

    I'll see what's faster according to Ofcom in my Area EE and Three are the worse whilst Vodafone and O2 are the best but this Vodafone connection is iffy in my flat, one minute I have WiFi than next I don't

    I don't want to run any speedtests as I am not trying to eat up the little data it as
    It seems to be harder to cancel than Leb which is worrying

    Text to switch
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    Well not impressed with Lyca Customer Services, as I'm away from home I cannot get the sim sent to a delivery address of my choice.
    Spoke to 3 CS Agents and only the third answered my simple question - Has anyone else had that problem or can I use my delivery address as the agreement address?
    Customer services are abysmal. What else was there to expect to be honest at this price. It's essentially a self service network and if it's broke, good luck.

    You'd probably be wasting your time trying to amend delivery addresses at this point. Start again with a different email address. Just be sure to cancel the auto renewal on the first (if you ever activate it).
  33. Avatar
    Is this the same script as Lebara in that you order, pay 1p and then nothing else until 30 days after/if you activate the sim?

    It's identical.
  34. Avatar
    tried with 3 different cards - got transaction failed for every one
    Have you any apostrophes or full stops in your address? Same was happening to me. Deleted those and it went through.
  35. Avatar
    Forgive my illiteracy, but if a contract ends on 5 September 2022, is that at the end of the day or the beginning of the day on 5th? SO MANY COMMENTS BUT I GUESS NOBODY KNOWS THE ANSWER

    Also, how long can I hold my LycaMobile Sim before activating it please?
    I haven’t got the best vision but I cannot see that in the Terms & Conditions. (edited)
    30 days, confirmed by Lyca customer service. (It's 90 days on Lebara, so the pro tip is to use your Lyca 1p deal first, and activate the Lebara later for NINE months near free service).
  36. Avatar
    anybody have an idea as to why the buy page wont accept my card details ?

    my bill address matches my card address - tried 3 different cards & 2 different addresses
    Any spaces after the letters you entered in each field? (I found my keyboard was helpfully adding them automatically). On another website, that was why it wouldn't accept my postcode or phone number.

    Tried different browsers? Wifi on / wifi off?

    I've read some people found (surprisingly) that using private or incognito browser mode helped purchases go through on certain sites.

    I let Google Pay / Wallet fill my details to minimise typing errors, and I'll shortly be buying my fourth sim with a fourth card. Good luck!
  37. Avatar
    I have a poor mobile signal at home with every network can I use wi-fi calling to make/receive calls like I do with Three? With this in mind should I go for Lyca or Lebara (is there any issues with WiFi calling on either)? (edited)

    Replying to

    Yes will work on android 10 xiaomi...lebara mobile.
  38. Avatar
    Activating it is a pain
    Can't seem to get it to work
    I tried *116*123456 (example) is that how you activate

    Such a pain compared to Leb
    If at first you don't succeed
  39. Avatar
    I brought this at £1.30 and contacted Lycamobile within 3 days to cancel and they are refusing. What is the 14 day online refund rights called please? I can’t remember

    Replying to

    After you sign in, go to Account Manager, then choose the "Auto Renew Plan" option - in there it will tell you the details of the plan you're on (cost, what it includes, etc.)
  40. Avatar
    Did anyone get an email several hours after activation and account registration offering £2 free credit? Valid for a month for usage outside the MSE bundle.

    I didn't do anything to 'earn' the bonus like porting in or referring / being referred. Though the message suggests it thinks I 'took my number to Lyca' I certainly didn't.

    £2 credit now showing on account. 48020856-1Bz6Q.jpg
    Yes I got that too and didn’t port my number.
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