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Posted 18 May 2023

Lyca Mobile Sim Only 30 Days 45GB Data/Unltd Mins. & Text/EU Roming/100 Int'l Mins. £4.50/month for 6 Months /£13.99 thereafter @ LycaMobile

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I was on Virgin Media (O2) 100GB for £8/month for the last 5 months which has come to an end.

looking at my usage I barely use 30-40GB max/month. I found this deal posted by @MrSwitch last year which seems to be still active. I have just bought this so that I can port in and 6 months sorted.

Runs also run on 02, not that bad in my area. So, check the service in your area before purchasing it.

At the end of the 6th month, you just need to TURN OFF autorenewal by navigating to Lyca Login then ACCOUNT MANAGER - "Auto Renew plan" then just as shown below.

  • Lyca Mobile 30-day SIM card for only £4.50 per month for the first 6 months, £13.99 thereafter
  • Unlimited National Mins and SMS
  • 100 International mins
  • EU Roaming
Terms & Conditions

The allowances included in the Exclusive Bundle are for calls and texts from the UK to standard UK landline (starting 01,02 or 03) and to other UK mobile numbers (except Isle of Man, Guernsey Jersey, and Channel Islands’ numbers), and for mobile internet usage in the UK. Other usages will be charged at standard rates. Allowances are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

5G now available for both Android & iOS devices, iOS devices with 16.4 Update. To experience the speed and reliability of 5G, you will need a phone that is compatible with the 5G network. You must be in a 5G coverage area. If you are using 5G and enter an area with only a 4G, 3G, or 2G signal, your phone will automatically swap to that instead. It will switch back to 5G as soon as a 5G signal is available. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute for the purpose of calculating the remaining allowances. Customer may only activate a second plan if is priced higher than the currently active plan.

Any remaining allowance after 30 days will not be carried over into the next 30day period should the customer repurchase their plan. In plan data usage is rounded up and charged in 20KB increments. EU data roaming cap applicable for the plan. Lycamobile reserves the right to replace or amend the offer or the terms & conditions or to withdraw the offer at any time with reasonable notice.

Note that promotional credit (credit which Lycamobile has given to customers for free) cannot be used towards purchasing a plan. The offer is for non-commercial, private, personal use only – Lycamobile reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the offer or to disconnect you if we suspect that offer is being used for commercial purposes, for conferencing, or if it is not being used in a handset (in a SIM box for example), if it is being used for tethering or if any reason Lycamobile reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with this policy where we consider that the usage was illegitimate.

Your plan is subject to Auto-renewal and Auto renewal is turned on by default so the customers can avail the offer price, it will automatically renew once it expires. We will remind you before it is due to be renewed, giving you the option to cancel. The renewal charges will be deducted from the payment card which you used to purchase on the initial activation method. To cancel Auto-renewal, dial *190# and follow the instructions. Once you cancel the Auto-renewal option you will no longer benefit from the exclusive offer. Please note that any auto- renewal cancellation request made on or after the expiry date will not be accepted..

These EU Countries roaming plans allow you to make calls, texts and data when roaming within EU Countries as if you were using your plan at home. However, these selected plans are subject to our Fair Usage Policy described below.

*EU Countries includes EEA countries. The full list is below:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Fair Usage Policy and Important Information
Our roaming services are intended for Lycamobile customers who visit EU Countries for short periods, for example a holiday or short trip. Our roaming Fair Usage Policy is designed to prevent misuse of our EU Countries roaming products and service.

To use our EU Countries roaming services you must first activate your SIM in your home country (and have purchased a Lycamobile product that includes EU Countries roaming services).

Your calls to other Lycamobile numbers are free at home (minimum top-up applies), but when you roam within EU Countries they will be charged (or deducted from your plan allowance) as standard calls.

If we identify abusive usage of our roaming services due to organized resale of our SIM cards to persons who normally live outside of the UK then we may take immediate proportionate measures to stop this, which could include suspension of services. We will send a text message to any such affected SIM cards.

*International Calling Countries
Australia| Austria| Belgium| Bulgaria| Canada| China| Croatia | Cyprus Greek| Czech-Republic| Denmark| Estonia| Finland| France| Germany| Greece| Hong-Kong| Hungary| Iceland| India| Ireland| Italy| Korea South| Latvia| Lithuania| Luxembourg| Malaysia| Malta| Netherlands| New Zealand| Norway| Poland| Portugal| Romania| Singapore| Slovakia| Slovenia| Spain| Sweden| Switzerland| Thailand| United States
Lycamobile More details at

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  1. f1p's avatar
    Re Lyca eSIM, you can't actually get a 3rd party deal with an eSIM, a physical SIM seems to be the default and only option.

    I was able to order a free Pay As You Go eSim with no top up required last month, the eSIM was instantlyemailed to me with a QR code , I then logged onto the online accout to "SIM Swap" from the Physical SIM to eSIM with the eSIM PUK code and ICCID details provided in the email.


    However, just checked Lyca's website and it seems you can no longer order free PAYG eSIM (with or without credit) anymore, only if you get a package!

    Most importantly, unfortunately (or luckily), I made the mistake of doing the SIM Swap from physical to eSIM first before porting my number in... When I try to fill in the porting request, the eSIM's SIM number (ICCID) is unrecgonised and an error code came up on the porting page.

    It maybe that if one ports the number to the physical SIM first, then do the SIM Swap to eSIM afterwards then it will be alright, or not... Can't be bothered to try now that you can't order free PAYG eSIM anymore.
    Fadd_Lo_Lun_Mera's avatar
    Dude they haven’t stopped free esim. I’ve just ordered one with zero balance.
  2. rich6891's avatar
    I'm moving from lebara to this, good deal. Heat
  3. lamboo's avatar
    Nice find, been using Lyca for nearly 1 year
    Might have to switch to this better deal
    I'm amazed I actually get good 5G speeds on Lyca when not many others allow 5G in my area even after advertising 5G for years
    Itz_Huzy's avatar
    how do i switch to this deal if i am already a customer?
  4. jase.2's avatar
    If Lyca mobiles live chat as a potential new customer is anything to go by I can only guess how poor the service is once they have your money.

    four times today I’ve asked live chat the same question around eu roaming fair usage policy as it’s missing from the terms of this offer and every time I’ve been cut off by them as they clearly don’t know 
  5. MrSwitch's avatar
    Brutes's avatar
    Brutes Author
    Cheers Switchy
    Not sure about others but I believe for me It's a good deal for that much data and other bits.

    Whatever,I have taken it. (edited)
  6. Soni210's avatar
    glad this is esim
    others hopefully will follow
    Brutes's avatar
    Brutes Author
    Is it?
  7. ddonq1412's avatar
    Use lyca when in turkey cheap roaming. In northern Ireland and Ireland boarder signal seems to drop to frequent so moving back to three
  8. crazydad's avatar
    Hi, is there a data cap while EU roaming? Can't see anything in their T&Cs. Thanks
    jase.2's avatar
    Not sure if you got an answer to this? 

    I thought Lyca had really low fair usuals on roaming but can’t see anything here but wanted to be sure before ordering it 
  9. hajashek's avatar
    Stay away from Lyca! horrible service and non-existent CS.
    A port in of my old running phone number has gone terribly wrong with them - for over a month I can`t use it. I think it is gone for ever now.
    DON`T use LYCA!
    You have been warned!
    Brutes's avatar
    Brutes Author
    Never had such issues that made me contact CS but got a response on chat promptly.
    I had used it twice in the past for a few months, porting in and out and never had any issues.
    But thanks for the warning I will come up with comments if I ever have any problem in future as I went through this plan today.
  10. Soni210's avatar
    this weekend they seem to have had a massive outage
  11. emlin's avatar
    How do you get the esim? The form for payment linked above wants the physical address for a physical sim to be sent to. Nowhere even to enter your PAC to keep your number. Thanks.
  12. ssc1's avatar
    Can you hotspot/teather with lyca? Tia
  13. ross.stephens's avatar
    What networks does Lyca use ? And would it need an unlocked phone ? How to know if phone is locked ?
  14. Itz_Huzy's avatar
    Can current customers already with lyca get this deal? If yes can someone please let me know how?Thanks
    Itz_Huzy's avatar
  15. jase.2's avatar
    Did anyone manage to establish what the eu roaming fair usage limit on this sim is? 

    trying to get an answer from Lyca so so difficult 
  16. Krzysztof_Kulpinski's avatar
    How much of GB I can use outside of UK?
's avatar