Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 September 2022.
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Posted 4 September 2022

LycaMobie Saver Plan 6GB Data, 1000 UK min, Eu Roaming £1 - New Customers

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

6GB Data
1000 UK Min
Eu Roaming

*New Customer only*
Lycamobile More details at Lycamobile

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£1 a Month
Don't forget TCB - topcashback.co.uk/lyc…le/ - every penny counts!
Three months only by the looks of it! Should be added to the title
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    Does it end after 30 days or price increase?
    Yeah it doesn't make sense why would OP miss such an important detail.

    Lyca is pretty dodgy company, I once bought a bundle and I was calling mobile numbers despite me using my minutes they kept on deducting my balance and tried to resolve with call centre but no help, since than no Lyca (edited)
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    I hope EU roaming is better with Lyca than their cheap SIMO rivals Lebara. Just been on hols to Channel Is. - no roaming with Lebara - just expensive sign-up options.
    Not really complaining as these are budget options - just putting it out there if anyone's interested.... (edited)
    Err EU roaming won't work in the Channel Islands because...the Channel Islands aren't in the EU. Nothing to do with Lebara.

    If you're desperate for roaming included in the Channel Islands, iD Mobile offer it.
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    £ 1 is only for the SIM for the first month. You have to buy a top from the options below. Not really a deal tbh

    48162578-VpOsx.jpg (edited)
    You can see on the right that the sim is free.

    Underneath you can see that you're paying £1 for the Saver Bundle so don't need to top up.
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    I just clicked through to this offer and it shows as being £5 per month from the 4th month onwards...

    So if my maths is right, works out at £4 per month for 6gb of data each month. Not the best. C'mon, Lyca you can do better.
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    I'm actually very confident after doing some research not much information available that it continues for a £1 . It doesn't say for 3 months only like some of the other plans and states will go up with RPI but nothing else and being only 1000 minutes compared to other plans with unlimited I'm confident it is continuous at a £1 and if it isn't you can cancel by turning off auto renew
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    99p too much for me
    Ah so YOU'RE the target market for these shops!
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    I need a contract for 12 months. Why is everything 30 days or offer for 3 months then price changes
    30 Days mean, you can cancel after any month. no need to stick with them if you dont like it. But with 12 month contract, if you want to leave in the middle of the contract, You'll need to pay for the whole contract period of 12 months (edited)
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    Also this dont include international minutes...which for some may be critical.
    Not for me, signed up and hopefully be ok, not a big user myself so should be adequate
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    No wifi calling with Lyca. May be important to some.
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    Seems like a good deal for £1 a month for 6gb data etc. However the website says you have to top up to activate the sim and the minimum is £5. My question is whether £1 a month can be used from this for ongoing monthly payment.
    The email I received when getting this, states that you have to have a plan to activate the sim. You've already paid for the £1 Saver Plan Bundle. It's tells you to insert your sim, dial a number and enter your PIN to Top Up / Activate your Saver Plan Bundle. Top up is for if you want to go over what the Saver Plan Bundle offers I presume. You shouldn't need to top up to activate the sim. It gives you the option of topping the sim up when ordering this, but I just ignored it and paid £1. It This is my understanding of the deal.
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    3 months then £5/month

    New customers can keep this offer price for 2 further consecutive renewals if turn on auto-renewal, from 4th Month onwards price £5 is applicable.
    You have let the cat out of the bag! Here I was thinking it was £1 per month for 6gb in perpetuity. Naive me.
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    No SMS included, that's interesting for sure!
    Are you the same guy who used to be on giffgaff forum?
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    Would be an exceptional deal if it continued at that price but can't find any details about how long it's for

    I'm voting hot either way even if it's only for one month ( which I don't think it is ) (edited)
    If there is no mention of a price rise (i.e. how the third & fourth offers in the helpful screenshot above clearly mention that 50% off is a three month event), then I would agree that any debit of a different value, whether it be in month 2, 4, 7, would be contrary to the contract and an unauthorised debit.

    Could this be one of those misprices that is talkabout for a decade?
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    Have a monthly rolling renewal with Lebara and had no problems with European roaming for data and calls for over a year (I got 3GB and unlimited text and calls for £4:90 when I took out the plan). Plus 100 international minutes. Got an extra 1GB of data this month for being with them for a year.
    48162929_1.jpg (edited)
    the 5GB plan is 5p more a month
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    48163085-s7LnL.jpgThe services are a top up prepaid services so you need to top up , but the SIM deal makes no sense or any say but shows the option of the amount to top up ? I believe you need to top up and then send some saver text to Lyca for the services
    Yes, it gives you an option to add credit, but you only need to add credit/top up if you plan on going over what the Saver Plan Bundle offers. You're paying £1 for 1000 calls and 6gb of data (1gb roaming). That's it.
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    Don't worry Lebara will do this £1 thing for 6 months and it'll be much clearer

    £10-15 sign up for a 12 month inclusive deal would be nice 12 months £15 (edited)
    Good thinking. Competition is good till one goes under!
    You are very understanding. I would like £12 for 12 months!
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    Tempted to give this a go despite ordering the 1P deal have more SIM cards then I will ever really need at this point
    I got the 1p deal, but this will overall work out cheaper by £37.36 in 12 months.
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    Any idea on texts?
    There isn't any included
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    Be careful. Read the fine print. It will be maximum for 3 months and then revert back to normal price £5/month. Screenshot attached.
    Yes that was not there when I ordered mine.
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    Will cancel this straight away - Garbage deal and garbage practice from these guys. How is that even legal to sell/miscommunicate something and then add terms and conditions after you’ve agreed to it. I guess the catch being it’s a 30 day sim, they should still be upfront. Poor service.
    Yeah, agreed. Lebara is far better hands down.
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    I received the sim & registed it now.

    This is the confirmation. once you activate your Plan, and leave it for auto renew. you'll be paying £1 for 6GB +1000 min. every month. YOU DONT NEED TO BUY TOPUP. I spoke with customer services to confirm the deal. (edited)
    But for how long is the deal ?
    £1 per month for how many months
    Or is it just the 30 days
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    I ordered this. When you sign up it gives you an option to auto renew or not after 30 days. There's no texts included and you only get 1gb or roaming, that's if it even works. I hope it does. lol
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    Another thing which I noticed confused some family members when they ordered their Lyca Sims you have to activate the SIM when you receive it .

    When you place your order like send emails on of the emails it says activation code on a strip when you receive your SIM you have to activate with that SIM for it to work along with a code they say is on your SIM card pack
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    lebara 1p plan been excellent for me and data no issue as use phone navigation system
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    Are UK mobile calls included & not included? Also are UK texts included afterall?

    Standard UK calls to Landlines and Mobiles but no texts. You would have to top up and pay for text messages.
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    New customers can keep this offer price for 2 further consecutive renewals if turn on auto-renewal, from 4th Month onwards price £5 is applicable.
    I've just seen what Neilix and you posted and that text was 100% not there when I ordered the sim yesterday! 1100! Lyca are indeed dodgy then.
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    Can I port in existing number?
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    £1 month for first month?
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    Never mind I found it .
    It says on the ordering page
    “New customers can keep this offer price for 2 further consecutive renewals if turn on auto-renewal, from 4th Month onwards price £5 is applicable”
    So basically it’ll be £5 per month
    First 3 months £1 each month
    48172949-ZLdLq.jpg (edited)
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    My sim has arrived. It activated itself and sent me my number, but I can't activate the Saver Bundle Plan. When I dial *161*PIN NUMBER# (My activation PIN code), I get the message "Connection problem or invalid MMI code"

    Can't get through to customer services.

    I've followed everything in the email but it doesn't work.

    As you have said in your previous comment "Lyca are dodgy".
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    For some reason I cant send texts, tried in 2 phones and both failed, I assume texts are included?
    Seems it only includes data and minutes.