Lyle & Scott Sale at Diffusion Clothing
Lyle & Scott Sale at Diffusion Clothing

Lyle & Scott Sale at Diffusion Clothing

Some items approaching 50% off on this expensive brand. Not all of it's to everyone's taste, but some nice items left at good prices.


Why cold? There's some bargains up foor grabs!

Good stuff, heat added. Not sure why people voting cold?

cold - oos on practically everything

its getting a bit chav now like burberry

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cold - oos on practically everything

Hardly true that is it....
Granted some have limited sizes, but a fair bit of choice still

Good prices but not much left

Hot from me, although gone off this brand as of late


This store is hot. Very hot.

Although limited in size with some stuff. I gave them a call and a new order should be delivered today.



I think after it getting announced on here etc. that their was probably such an Increase in traffic and sales that they probably sold all the Stock that they had.
Appears only the last few items are still in stock, but only in like L to XXL

Heat added..

I feel L&S is getting a bit more chavy now which is a shame :-(

All Saints is definitely the one these days :-D

Lyle & scott has been overtaken by the chavs...sigh


it is ashame that Decent brands get swarmed by chav's and as a result get tottaly destroyed...
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