Lyle & Scott - up to 50% off sale - has started!

Lyle & Scott - up to 50% off sale - has started!

Edited by:"pcygan"Found 26th Dec 2017
Free delivery over £75.
3% TCB.

Just had a quick look and there seem to be plenty of sizes available.
Cable knit jumpers down to £50 is where I think I'm heading off to....
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Value jumpers for £50? That's not value.
Think ill wait till further reductions appear still overpriced
Still way over priced!
Still too expensive
Not the brand it was these days
I wonder why do they have unsecured website.... there’s no lock showing up... is it safe?!
No no no not safe....someone will be opening your safe cash stash
John Lewis have some of these jumpers that are cheaper... .. ... If you have a lil look at their Sale / Clearance range......
M&M direct have shirts cheaper
This brand just isn't the same anymore. Really wish they still sold the proper wool turtle neck jumpers!
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