Lynx Africa set only £2.12 @ Wilko - Tooting

Lynx Africa set only £2.12 @ Wilko - Tooting

LocalFound 26th Dec 2017
The lynx Africa set is only £2.12 at wilko.

This set has 150ml body spray, 250ml body wash and manwasher.

Saw in Wilkinson’s tooting.
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Heat added ps abit of extra heat as I like saying the word tooting
Was "trending" on Twitter yesterday because of how many people got this from Santa so I'd be surprised if you can walk down the average street without tripping over a couple!
Damn knew i should have feigned sickness on xmas day and bought presents today instead....i paid £2.50 for just the deodorant and shower gel...feeling ripped off now...
I don't think there's anyone left in the country without this set.
Saw them in Cardiff bay today plus a few other sets with some great discounts
£1.99 @ Superdrug
Spotted in metrocentre. Few other offers, e.g. Nivea men duo pack for £1.75
hemjshah1 h, 1 m ago

£1.99 @ Superdrug

can confirm! got two this morning.
Didn’t get a Lynx Africa gift set on Xmas day, basically Christmas ruined however the oh has picke me one up today while Boxing Day shopping so all is good!

I didn’t get the “manwasher” though
Edited by: "loopylloyd" 26th Dec 2017
I got one I'm afraid.
Will be recycled next year to someone else
or 2£ at Morrisons
£1 each in most pound shops, you are paying 12p for cardboard. Voted cold.
TheEnglish90927th Dec 2017

£1 each in most pound shops, you are paying 12p for cardboard. Voted cold.

Whilst the shower gel does sell for a pound in pound stores, the lynx deodorant does not, usually being cheapest at 1.50. So compared to normal you're making a saving and getting a 'manwasher'
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