Lynx deodrant scanning @ £1 each at asda.

Lynx deodrant scanning @ £1 each at asda.

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Just back from getting Groceries from my local asda & noticed the Lynx deodorants where scanning at £1 each.I don't think it should have been this price as I'm sure it was around £2.50 each.I've looked in all the bags of messages & can't find the receipt :-/
Anyone going to the Forge Asda please add to this to verify.


only mini

Please Show the receipt for evidence

£2.69 at my local ASDA

£2.69 also, or 2 for £5


same as above

Wilkinsons own brand is just as good.

I bought a spray deodorant for 49p in Home Bargains. This is cold.

Not in Bridgwater and Highbridge

Hot. if its at that price. I usually pay about 3 for £5! never more than that.

Lynx... the Smell of Average Man!

its 2 for £4 in a cello pack @ asda


Lynx... the Smell of Average Man!

Lynx is a total con these days, you are paying extra for their tedious TV adverts. Loved by teenage boys.

I remember when I was a teenager they had proper scents like Amber, Musk, Oriental, Marine, Spice etc....those were the days...

The wiki article has them all:…%29

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