Lynx Dry Spray @ Asda - 3 for £5

Lynx Dry Spray @ Asda - 3 for £5

Found 25th Feb 2008
Usual price per spray: £2.45

There were about 5 different kinds at my local store. Special offer obviously, at the end of the aisle and they had loads on offer.

Don't know if it's available online, canny be bothered checking


just to point out its any lynx spray not just dry and all scents including my fav dark temptation :D, we got a lil asda paper offer thing with these on lol

It appears to be available online too!
Voted Hot - sweaty hot! But at least you can have these to keep you dry and smell nice - possibly like a 14 year old boy!
Thanks to OP!

errr gross this stuff is enough to turn anyone off
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