Lynx Mini Traveller gift set only £1 instore @ Debenhams
Lynx Mini Traveller gift set only £1 instore @ Debenhams

Lynx Mini Traveller gift set only £1 instore @ Debenhams

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This deal might be store specific but I was in the mens department in Debenhams at Westfield shopping centre, Shephards Bush and they had a bargain bin full of bits and bobs reduced by 70%. I found a Lynx mini traveller gift set that consists of a wash bag and 1 x 35ml Africa Deodorant Body spray, 1 x 35ml Instinct Anti Perspirant, 1 x 50ml Instinct Shower Gel, 1 x 50ml Fever Shower Gel. It was reduced to £1.50 but scanned in at £1. There were plenty left for anyone planning to shop there. There were also a few Red Herring wash bags reduced from £8 to £1.


shame i dont live near a debenhams...still £6 on website. Oh well.....

It's not surprising that these are reduced.
Why are Lynx marketing this specifically to travellers? From my experience they stink and any self respecting Debenhams manager would have them kicked out by burly security staff.
It was never going to catch on

sweet price not the best, but for a quid it beats smelling of man sweat. hot from me.

lol @travellers set. Perhaps they need it as laying(when not rippoing people off) driveways is very ardous work.

fantastic price hope its not store specific these will make fab little fillers for christmas presents

also if anyone wants one picking up im going tomorrow at some point for a look, pm me and i will grab you one.

Are these for mini travellers, then?

Brilliant price

fab find

Great Deal. Hot from me.



Are these for mini travellers, then?

What do mini travellers not use lynx?


good for the hand luggage

I think you'd struggle to fit him in your hand luggage!

Excellent price, hopefully i'll manage to get one after work! +1

Marked up at £5.50 but going throught the till at £6 at Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

does it smell nice??

I'll drive to Westfield now! - how I hate instore deals - should not be on HUKD, online only.

Voted cold

£6 each still in Reading
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