Lynx Shower Gels 99p at Lidl or £1 at Sainsburys

Lynx Shower Gels 99p at Lidl or £1 at Sainsburys

Found 12th May 2011Made hot 16th May 2011
Lynx Shower Gels 99p at Lidl

Great buy if you have boys that use these as much as me !

If you aren't near a Lidl Tesco & Sainsburys have the Cool Metal one for £1 - and £1.18 for most of the others.

Sainsburys have most of them for £1

£2.35 at Asda


It's been ages since these have been £1 they've been steadily increasing in price over the past few months. Cheers for the heads up I'm now going to stock up

These were £1 in ASDA a couple of months back. Well worth it. They definitely smell the nicest of all shower gels.

Usually £1 in Wilko's.

Better value than the deodorant that is nice but over priced.

Is anyone actually silly enough to spend more than a quid on shower gell? One of them is always on for a quid or less...
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Great offer.

Nice price, but not sure about the yellow one with bits in lol.
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