Lyons coffee bags x18 £1.72 online/in store @ morrisons

Lyons coffee bags x18 £1.72 online/in store @ morrisons

Found 27th Jul 2015
Lyons coffee bags x 18 £1.72 online and in store

Very nice coffee works out at less than 10p a cup, try it you will be surprised
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Nice price & nice coffee.
10p for a cup of nice coffee. Bargain! Have some heat.
Might try these.

try it you will be surprised

In a positive or negative way?
Good stuff. I'm down to my last box after stocking up during the Sainsbury's offer.
They take a while to steep the flavour out but they make a passable cup of morning coffee at work - I pre-heat the mug, fill it with hot water and a coffee bag and pop my plastic sugar container on the top so everything stays hot.
Heat and thanks OP, will buy at price. Only wish they would also stock the Rich Evening blend in that range as I prefer if over this one. I can only find my preferred option at Waitrose. ☺
A decent cup of coffee at a good price. Leave the bag in the mug for at least five minutes so that the flavour is at it's best.
These have been around for years (only made by Lyons as far as I know), hard to find in shops though! Will have a look in Morrisons later. A good option if you want nice coffee without fuss - I usually take them up to my mum's (she thinks Maxwell House is decent coffee)!
These wouldn't fit a Senseo machine, I suppose?
These are great, just leave then in the mug like a herbal tea bag for as long as you can for the best flavour.

These wouldn't fit a Senseo machine, I suppose?

Haha! They might but God knows what would happen.

Heat OP
They are my lifesaver for work!
Any idea if these can be used in senseo coffee machines like the coffee pads?
You dont use them in a machine that defeats the purpose of them.
i'll give 'em a go.

i'd like a coffee machine but it's way too much hassle to keep having to clean it.

i try to minimise my enslavement to household chores.
will someone expire this for me, can't do it on my mobile hope everyone enjoyed there coffees.
None in Kidderminster yesterday. Found them in Edgbaston today but they were back to full price.
full price at morrisons in peckham on thursday.
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