Lyricology Canvas Wall Art - £1.99 Home Bargains

Lyricology Canvas Wall Art - £1.99 Home Bargains

Found 4th Jan 2015
I picked this up in Home Bargains yesterday. Plenty on the shelf. There may be different designs locally. This was in Darlington.

Seen these for a lot more. Thought i'd share if it's your thing.

(description from Amazon)
Inspired by great, popular songs of the last half-century, Lyricology's artists reveal not just what music has to say, but how it feels. The colour of a song, its shape, the way it can define a time, a relationship, a memory - that's what makes these remarkable art pieces come alive. Lyrics on the wall art: "Come together, right now, over me". Size: 30.5 cm square. Hanger style: open back hanger.
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