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Went into my local Marks & Spencers today and they have a selection of Bucks Fizz and Spritzers on offer

Peach Bucks Fizz (normally £3.79
Bucks Fizz (normally £3.79)
Chardonnay wine spritzer (normally £3.99)
Shiraz Rose wine Spritzer (normally £3.99)
Strawberry or Peach wine cooler (normally £3.99)

All these wines have 25% off at the moment, get a further 10% off by using the voucher in the free booklet on wine (avalable instore, titled 'Wine). The wines listed are also on offer - buy 2 for £5. Therefore you can buy a selection of 6 bottles for £6.67 as I have!


good spot, thanks!

Welcome to HUKD hartlyhare

will check out the spritzers tomorrow! thanks for posting


will check out the spritzers tomorrow! thanks for posting

me too (only bucks fizz!) :thumbsup:

Mmmmmm Bank Holiday spritzers

Surely if they are 2 for £5

that is a total of £15

- £4.75 (25%)
- £1.50 (10%)

for a total of £6.25

meaning it should total £8.75 for 6 bottles is that correct?

Has anybody tried this yet?

The Mole;2156586

Surely if they are 2 for £5that is a total of £15 - £4.75 (25%)- £1.50 (10 … Surely if they are 2 for £5that is a total of £15 - £4.75 (25%)- £1.50 (10%)for a total of £6.25 meaning it should total £8.75 for 6 bottles is that correct?Has anybody tried this yet?

Maybe it goes through the till as 25% off and 10% off the original price of £3.79 or £3.99 a bottle, not the 2 for £5 price?!

Even at £8.75 its a bargain and i have voted hot.

My mam loves the strawberry wine cooler, so i guess she will be stocking up. How long is the 25% off on for?

Original Poster

I bought 5 bottles at £3.99 each, plus 1 at £3.79, totalling £23.74.
Take off 10% (£2.38) then 25% (£5.95) then 2 for a fiver (discount of £8.74)
The final amount I paid was £6.67!

nice bet this will be sorted by tomoz though

I bought 6 bottles of Sangria on Tuesday for £6.62! Bargain!

worked for me, couldnt find the wine mag but still got 25% and 2 for fiver. 6 bottles for 9 quid . Yipee:-D

wow use 20% staff discount too

Fantastic spot, bought 36 bottles (inc sangria) biggest prob was carrying the stuff.
Heat an Rep left :thumbsup:


Will try later today - going to party in a couple of days so will be cool to turn up with 6 bottles!! Thnx

It worked for me. 6 bottles for £6.74. Voted hot.

Is it working today does anybody know?

I just picked up 12 bottles on lunch, 10 bottles of Sangria, 1 bottle of the white wine spritzer and 1 bottle of the rose spritzer.

I did 2 sets of 6 bottles only took 6 through first time to make sure it worked and it cost me £6.71 for the first six bottles (4 Sangria + 2 Spritzers) and £6.63 for the second six (all sangria).

Excellent offer and it made me join the forum to say thankyou for the post. Heat and rep added.

The sangria is the best deal as the alcohol content is 11% as opposed to the 4% in the bucks fizz/spritzer range.

[COLOR="Blue"]:-D[FONT="Arial Black"]thanks to op, just back from m&s got 4x kir royale
2x bellini , paid £6.05!!! wow, may go back tomoz for 6 more . i used the 10% voucher from the magazine , and sa gave it me back to re-use... a happy bunny i am!:thumbsup:[/FONT][/COLOR]

Just bought 6 of the £3.79 bottles. They were doing samples of the different wines too and had the leaflets with the 10% off beside them. Paid £7.02 for the 6 which I was delighted with. Would have worked out cheaper buying the £3.99 bottles but pleased with what I got. Just off to rep you. Thanks for posting.

thanks, i bought 4 peach bellini, 1 sangria & 1 peach wine cooler which cost me £6.89 :thumsbup: will leave you rep when i can as i've run out at the moment :lol:


Just brought 30 bottles for around £30.

Heat + Rep added.

Working at both Meadowhall and Rotherham Parkgate branches.

Does anybody know if this is still working - was in M & S today but was too nervous to try it. Got the 10% voucher. Im in Bolton if anyone knows if it s working in North West still Thanks

Still working today. I bought 6 bottles in Glasgow. Strawberry cooler is bliss. Many thanks

Original Poster

I believe the deal is on till bank holiday monday - try it, it works!! I promise! Sangria is also included in the deal!

I bought more on Monday for the girls at work (36 bottles). I phoned on Tuesday and they said the offer had been extended - think she said the 2nd June. Worth checking out your local M & S. I'm supposed to be going there today so will see.

Offer is still on and our one had loads left today.
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