M & S - Scrumptious Cupcakes Recipe Book - £2.50 delivered
M & S - Scrumptious Cupcakes Recipe Book - £2.50 delivered

M & S - Scrumptious Cupcakes Recipe Book - £2.50 delivered

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Cupcakes recipe book, already on offer at £1.00 off. Another 50% off at checkout and use PERWEB02 for free delivery.

For some reason, can't get image to appear!

PERWEB05 for another 50p off to make it £2!
- batistawhc


£1.75 it says for me?

Got it for £2.50. Heat added.:3

Original Poster

How have you got it to £1.75? I tried the various codes for 10% and 15% off but couldn't get them to work.

Oh please! No more offers! Lol. I am inundated with parcels, my head is full of codes. I have free mugs, cards, perfume, photo calendars coming out of my ears!

Heat added btw.

Item subtotal: £5.00
Delivery charges £3.50
Orrder Total: £8.50

Free Shipping: £3.50
Promotion applied: £0.75
50% off Books: £2.50

Grand Total: £1.75

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Item subtotal: £5.00Delivery charges £3.50Orrder Total: £8.50Free Sh … Item subtotal: £5.00Delivery charges £3.50Orrder Total: £8.50Free Shipping: £3.50Promotion applied: £0.7550% off Books: £2.50Grand Total: £1.75

Which code did you use to get 'Promotion applied'?

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Thanks to whoever supplied the image


Which code did you use to get 'Promotion applied'?

Dunno, must have been in my basket/account already?

I have just used a code that I have just got with my points it is worth 200 bonus points worth £2.00 so it has cost me 50 p really!

Thanx heat added can compliment my tattoos now

Great - Thanks

Quidco aswell.. ;o)

Thanks, got another 50p off with using code PERWEB05....thanks.

Thanks have put on my wish list!

Theres some really good deals on the Autobiographies as well on their.........not many available but those that are seem cheaper than the bulk of the major Booksellers........e.g. Alan Sugars for £7.50!

I have ordered one too, Thank you

Thanks! Got it for £2 thanks to aliandk


Thanks, got another 50p off with using code PERWEB05....thanks.

ive edited the post to include this

got 1 for £2 will make a nice stocking filler, or i might just keep it

Cheers, great for £2!

Brilliant find and thanks for the extra codes!

Got it for £2 + Quidco delivered including aliandk's additional voucher.

Great deal, thanks.

Got one!! Thanks

Just got one for the Girlfriend for £2. :-)

PERWEB05 - Extra 50p off.

fab thanks!


ive edited the post to include this

Thank you for the credit! Every little helps!! Ordered for my grandaughter who is learning to bake as a stocking filler..

great stocking filler ... thanks.

Just ordered 4 for stocking fillers - cheers

Can I use TopCashback and the promotional codes together or will it charge me full price? xx

I used topcashback and codes and ordered 2 as pressies thanks op

Just so everyone knows; PERWEB05 is a 10% off code. I've ordered 4 books, came to £22.50 including delivery, codes applied and it is down to £7.60 including free delivery. Bargain

Valid promotion code is required:|

Original Poster


Valid promotion code is required:|

That's what I get, can't get PERWEB05 to work at all!

thanks ordered two!!

Thanks ordered this and the muffin cook book for £2.00 each!

Many thanks, ordered one

I just tried another order using PERWEB05 and it won't work now. Maybe it has been pulled? Either that or you can only use it once?

cheers got it for £2

Thanks Op x

I was able to just use PERWEB05 once to get the extra off one order i.e. the cheapest order but not off my other orders which were all separate, still a very good deal though considering what is in the 50% off books.

And yes, thanks OP...!
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