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Posted 15 December 2022

M125 Fibre Broadband with 132Mb Speed - £26pm x 18 Months £95 Amazon gift card, £45 cashback, effective £18.22

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CostsMonthly costs £26.00 p/mMonths 1-18 £26.00 Thereafter £44.00 Contract
Discount Amount £95.00 Cashback £45.00
Total contract cost
Includes all upfront costs as well as your monthly payments.
Total contract cost (includes all upfront costs as well as £140.00 cashback/bill credit/voucher)
Includes all upfront costs as well as your monthly payments. Cashback/bill credit/voucher has been deducted.
Average monthly cost during the contract (includes all upfront costs as well as £140.00 cashback/bill credit/voucher)
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    Don't do it, Virgin are probably the worst company I've ever had to deal with. Soon as my contract is up I'm moving to city fibre. (edited)
    Do you have much experience of City Fibre then?
  2. Avatar
    Good one

    Once you have it you can upgrade to M250 or faster for a few quid per month.
    Hey. Really, how do you do that? And how much more does it cost?

  3. Avatar
    Is it for new customers only ??
    I’m with Virgin and contract end in Jan (edited)
  4. Avatar
    I just got 1gb speed, 2 4k boxes, everything Sky provide and bt
    Free landline 24/7 oh and Netflix for £64 a month

    Gotta love 02 buying virgin
    Was that through new customer deals or from you threatening to cancel and doing the whole song and dance with them?
  5. Avatar
    Is the router as good as the latest BT one for WiFi?
    I would say better
  6. Avatar
    I get 60mb and unlimited calls with BT for £20. Going to 250mb and unlimited calls with virgin is £40. Not sure what to do.
    How did you get the BT Deal for £20?
  7. Avatar
    Contract with Virgin ending on the 25th December, what would you guys suggest doing?

    Can I take this out again in a different household name? Thanks
    Mine is ending same time. Do i need to give a 1 month notice or i can tell them now and end on 25th without any additional fee
  8. Avatar
    I had a fall out with Virgin earlier this year and very nearly went through cancelling a very old contract and setting up a new one in my partners name for the same address. Didn't seem to be any problem with it, I was within 2 days of ending the old and starting the new when Virgin decided that I was right after all, and I ended up staying as was.
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    Don’t forget to say you’ve been referred by a friend. Just choose anyone you know who’s also got virgin. Then get the 02 cheapest SIM card to get volt on.
    Do you need to active connection for Volt or you can have 30 days rolling and disconnect after 30 days and can still enjoy benefit?
  10. Avatar
    got the 516 Meg connection from their salesman for £36 + £100 bill credit last December when they moved into my area, Already with O2 and they did a BOLT deal doubling my data and giving me Gigafast >900mbps download speeds for the same price. Only had 1 outage in the whole 12 months.
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    Please check the link to the deal - it's a great deal but it populates the linked search page with an address in Twickenham - which is definitely not mine as I live in the West Midlands!
  12. Avatar
    If it helps anyone, Managed to renew for £30 on 250mb. Worth doing the cancellations trick.
    It's £22 if you signed up as a new customer via top cashback.

    Very rarely do they give a deal that's comparable or better than new customer deals.

    If I were you I'd cancel and sign up again with another person in your households name.
  13. Avatar
    Hi does anyone know what this comment is referring to?

    Good one 

    “Once you have it you can upgrade to M250 or faster for a few quid per month.”

    Any help appreciated.
    I’m guessing the person has had customer service contact them and offered them a cheap upgrade?
  14. Avatar
    I would say to avoid virgin media, my current experience has being going on for a month with no end in sight. They are useless and I'm not talking about the actual reliability of the broadband service.
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