Mac Games Week at GamersGate

Mac Games Week at GamersGate

Found 15th Feb 2010
I don't know what the usual mac prices are like but compared to the usual windows prices there are some decent deals there and a fair selection of good games as well, especially for strategy fans as they've got a discount on a lot of Paradox's catalogue.


Good deals on some indie games - Osmos, World of Goo, Machinarium - all worth buying, especially at these prices! Particularly World of Goo - best game of last year, IMO.

I was tempted by Dragon Age, but the problem with high-budget, 3D games on the Mac is they're all "Cider" ports which tend to run like ****. Much better off getting the windows variant and running it in bootcamp - the performance benefits are pretty big.

Some good prices here. Nice to see offers on Mac games for a change.

Acquired C&C Generals Zero Hour & COD 4 for OSX, runs well on my MacBook Pro 13".
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