MacBook Air 11" 2011 - Core i7 2nd Gen (UPGRADED), 128gb - £802.88 @ Kikatek
MacBook Air 11" 2011 - Core i7 2nd Gen (UPGRADED), 128gb - £802.88 @ Kikatek

MacBook Air 11" 2011 - Core i7 2nd Gen (UPGRADED), 128gb - £802.88 @ Kikatek

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Just spotted this in Kickatek. It's the old MBA with 2nd gen sandy bridge processor - so no USB 3 and HD 3000 graphics. However it has the upgraded i7 and benches of this model with the upgraded i7 are comparable to the updated 2012 models:


Considering the comparable model goes for considerably more than this and it is cheaper than it would be int he Refurb sotre (by ~£40) and it is new, I think this is worth some interest for some one.

Being a Mac deal though, I would expect nothing less than a chiller but hey, hopefully this will help someone get a good spec MBA.


Thank you I have added heat x
I need a laptop for Uni and I really dont know what type to go for. I have never used a mac before oO and I would like to know if this make is the best and also if it is really hard to get used to? Any advice I would really appreciate, thankyou x


that's amazing - what universities require students to have laptops?

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Much obliged!

Personally, I much prefer the mac platform. If you're not a gamer, this MBA 11" is perfect for uni - best ultraportable in the market with whacking specs to keep you ultimate for the next three years. It's got a full size keyboard and best screen res of its size. Plus, you'll sell on at a good price come that time and lose ~300 quid - no more than if you were to buy a cheap windows number.

But it is 800 quid. Do a bit of research but if your not hugely technically minded, the mac is far easier to use than windows ever will be.


It's pretty decent, but depending on what you are doing the screen may be a little small. Would recommend something with a larger screen for graphic design or similar. As a uni student you'll get the best discounts on the apple store, so that may work out cheaper for you. The back to school promo is currently running which gives you a £70 voucher to spend in the app store. That would pay for iwork (Word Processcor, Spreadsheet and presentation package).

There is a bit of a learning curve but it's pretty simple to use.

@Trevor. Welcome to the 21st century, enjoy your stay.
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thankyou so much both of you for your advice. I will be a radiography student, and will not need the laptop for gaming.

How long do mac's usually last? I am going to need it for a good few years..... x

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I just sold my ageing macbook pro which I bought back in 2006. I used it heavily, every day for ~6 hours minimum, burning through only two batteries and my charger which broke in its last month of ownership. The keyboard was still as strong and good as ever, apart from where I had spilt tea on it and two keys stopped working. Aside from that, key travel and trackpad were still in exceptional condition considering their use. The metal chassis was brilliant, no cracks and extremely hard wearing - you won't find anything better from another manufacturer.

In sum, they are built extremely well. But again, you're paying for that privilege.



Lovely review, I am really excited now and am going to have to get one x
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