Macbook Air £803.85 delivered @ Viking Direct
Macbook Air £803.85 delivered @ Viking Direct

Macbook Air £803.85 delivered @ Viking Direct

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* SLIMLINE GENIUS. Still a full sized notebook in terms of function, with no compromise in keyboard, trackpad or screen size. Use it and youll forget its actually an ultralight. The MacBook Air is encased in sleek and sturdy aluminium and no thicker than an index finger, weighing just 1.36 kg, its the indisputable choice of notebook for cutting edge portability.
* DISPLAY. A 13.3-inch screen is the same as on the MacBook and the keyboards the same size too. A backlit key illumination making working in poorly lit areas easy, perfect for working on night flights, or just an relaxed evening at home.
* INSTINCTIVELY EASY. Has an oversize trackpad with multi-touch technology. You can pinch, swipe, or rotate to zoom in on text, advance through a photo album and adjust an image with more natural hand gestures than a conventional track pad.
* BEAUTIFULY EQUIPPED. Generous 2GB of RAM built in, ample memory for working with your favourite applications. Fast Wi-Fi as standard and a built-in camera for video chatting.
* PATA DISK DRIVE. The 1.6Ghz Macbook Air has a 80GB 4200-rpm PATA hard drive.


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I don't know why the direct link doesn't work but here it is:


on the site it says: "Was £999, now £699"
How come it's priced at £803?

it will be VAT?

£699 without
£104.85 VAT
£803.85 total

Looks like a mis print tbh, give ti 24 hrs and itl be changed.


Looks like a mis print tbh, give ti 24 hrs and itl be changed.

It's the older model that they are likely to be clearing out, and there was another deal recently where it was being cleared elsewhere at a low price. They were as low as $1100 in the states, so while this is low, it's not necessarily a mis-price

I doubt it's a misprice, this is about the going rate for people who want rid of the 1st gen MBA's

this model sucks. If opened three or more web pages everything slows down. Waste of money

this offer has been on the apple UK website since oct 2008 when the new MBA came out. 2nd version way better

This is the 1s generation MBA.

Many faults with the 1st generation.

- fan noise
for more info go to Macrumours.com , then to Macbook Air forum on the website

Also the 2nd generation is way better, faster graphics chip which, more memory faster speed, all the faults from first one removed.

In Jan 2009- after Macworld confernce their may be even more speedier processors and a better version of MBA.

Or you can get MACBOOk. Which is faster, more powerful, easier replacable battery and hardrive new came out 0ct 2008 and cheaper. Its onlyslightly heavier then Macbook air.

advised-DONT BUY
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