Posted 16 January 2023

Apple 13-inch MacBook Air: Apple M2 chip with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, 256GB with Optional Microsoft 365 Family 12m Midnight £1119 @ Very

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After new laptop tempted by this
Very More details at Very

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    A lot of reviewers seem to advise steering clear of the 256Gb model as Apple cheaped out by using only one chip for the SSD instead of the two used in the M1 edition. Said it can bottleneck data transfer speed. (edited)
    It can but its not noticeable unless you're pushing it beyond media consumption/browsing.
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    Also the same price on Amazon.
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    Patiently waiting on the Costco 512gb and 16gb Ram deal
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    Is this the one that has a full touch screen?
    Are you from the future?
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    Same price everywhere for a while now..
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    £1104.99 at Costco, but similar price everywhere atm.
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    Rumours of the M3 variant surfacing later in the year already starting to circulate!

    Apple need to stop being so bloody secretive about their hardware releases as either way a percentage of potential customers will hang fire on buying once solid rumours appear.

    Dropping their prices by a good 25% wouldn’t go amiss either, as they’d still be making serious profits on that!
    Not really interesting as it'll be the same body as this for another gen or two and the M2 is more than adequate for typical MBA usage. The big jump was going from Intel to M1. M1 to M2 wasn't earth shattering and I'd expect M3 to be similar. (edited)
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    After buying Macbooks for my son (uni) and daughter (college, now uni), I would suggest buying a decent MS laptop. I am fairly disgusted by the Rotten Core being so unsustainable. The cost vs storage is outrageous, which may make you consider buying a 'smaller' machine. Be aware that these things cannot be upgraded, neither memory or storage (unless that changed from 2019, but considering how Apple insist on protecting their inflated prices, I doubt it).
    Thing is I agree they are overpriced but.. nothing touches Apple for quality of build and actual performance, my current Macbook Pro is an early 2015 thats now 8 years old. and its still going strong I jsut replaced the battery this year for under £100 it cost me £1300 8 years ago.