MacHeist Nano Bundle 5: 9 Mac Apps for $19.99 from (value $610) £11.66

MacHeist Nano Bundle 5: 9 Mac Apps for $19.99 from (value $610) £11.66

Found 16th Jul 2014
The MacHeist
nanoBundle 5

They said it couldn't be done, but we’ve put together another brand new nanoBundle with an absolutely insane value!

Explore the bundle by clicking on the icons above to find out more about each app. 9 incredible Mac apps could be yours, instantly, for over 96% off.

Bundle Contents
$610 worth of software (at the less-charged RRP value) for $19.99 - converted to £ using - your debit/credit card charges may vary
Cinemagraph Pro $100
WebCode $40
Periscope Pro $50
Vitamin-R $30
Silo $159
MediaCentral $38
Oscura: Second Shadow $5
Intaglio $89

They also donate 10% to charity

I bought the last deal and wasn't overly happy with it (especially as the rumoured final item in the bundle never materialised).
Some of these things may not be great, others may be overpriced but there may be something of $20 value in there for someone.

Expires in 5 days

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Bought for silo alone, as you get a Windows version too. Commercially licensed modelling software is hard to come by.
Already have Silo, but wanted WebCode - bought
Thanks bought this, checked Kalixa statement online and sure enough, £11.66 (no extra charges on kalixa either)
Not getting my MacBook for 10 days...if I purchase can I download to a memory stick or my ipad...

Dumb qs possibly ...
You'll get an email with serial numbers and download links. You can download to a stick or download later when you have your mac.
Seen these before but will take a chance on this one.
Cinemagraph Pro is an excellent app, I got it for £10 from iTunes earlier in the year. Not sure about the other apps though?
I really want Intaglio - I am waiting to see if it gets closer to the threshold to unlock this before I comit.
Extended for 2 days with extra titles added
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