Macheist Nanobundle (6 free Mac apps)

Macheist Nanobundle (6 free Mac apps)

Found 6th Nov 2009
Macheist are giving away 6 mac applications on which are:

ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterrific, TinyGrab, Hordes of Orcs & Mariner Write*.

Simply register on macheist and you recieve all

*Mariner Write will be unlocked once they reach 500,000 participants. It took me about an hour to get my serial numbers.
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Looks great. Thanks.
Beat me to it. Have an extra 9 degrees of heat!
The software isn't the best but can't argue with the price, Mariner Write seems quite good. Definitely worth the download
Hordes of Orcs is worth it on it's own, a superb game, really addictive.

Heat & Rep added.
Another great MacHeist bundle. Heat added.
Mac does NOT = iphone
silly me
Thanks; was not really interested in some of the apps, but wanted to try out WriteRoom. It's okay, but I realise that I can do the same full screen mode in Pages, and have more flexibility in how I work. Still, it's good for those who don't have iWork and want to get some distraction-free writing done.

Found Twitterific to be pretty bad for a desktop client when compared to TweetDeck (which is free) and especially compared to Tweetie (the ad-supported version is free, and the ads are very unobtrusive), so I'd reccomend either of those above this.

Found Mariner Write to be pretty bad; there are much better free alternatives out there such as NeoOffice, Bean or AbiWord. Was really disappointed as Mariner Software make one of my favourite applications for the Mac - the wonderful MacJournal.

Haven't really tried the others as of yet, but will get round to it at some point.
Excellent - spotted this a couple of days ago so thanks for the reminder!

Make sure you do the Facebook bit as the real gem is getting Intego Virus Barrier X5 for free!


Thanks drspa44: Had no problems so far with Virus Barrier but will take a look at ClamXav.
Twitteriffic is also very good - I use the free version on my iPod Touch and the full version on my Mac is great but may prove to be a distraction!
Virus Barrier for me has been one giant nightmare. It looks good, but it is very obtrusive to the system and is hardly needed. The hardest part is uninstalling it. Use ClamXav 2.0 instead.

The other free apps aren't the best in the world, but are worth going installing for the price.
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