Macheist Windows/Mac Indie Games Bundle

Macheist Windows/Mac Indie Games Bundle

Found 3rd May 2016
Similar to Humble Bundle, ALL MONEY GOES TO CHARITY- make it your good deed for the day/week/year! Some cracking games, particularly in the $15 tier.

Pay less than $15 and get:

To the Moon
Offspring Fling
Indie Game The Movie

Pay $15 or more to ALSO get:

Super Meat Boy
Beyond Eyes
Gone Home
Prison Architect
Indie Game The Movie Special Edition DLC

Some great games here for just over £10. GO! BUY!
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wow prison architect! hot
Nice idea and heated purely as it supports good causes but I think they need to get a bit more competitive with their pricing as by other bundle standards $15+ is a lot to pay for very good but (mostly) rather old games.

Here is hoping their next bundle is a bit better VFM and I'd be happy to support them....
Good bundle and the $15 dollar tier is well worth it if you don't have them all already.

All the titles barring 'Indie Game the Movie' and 'Offspring Fling!' are also on Linux/SteamOS. There is a non-Steam version of 'Offspring Fling!' though so I would expect that to be available sometime as well.
Really good bundle, shame I've got so many
thats a good bundle of games, weirdly have all of them
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