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Macheist Windows/Mac Indie Games Bundle
Found 3rd May 2016Found 3rd May 2016
Macheist Windows/Mac Indie Games Bundle
Similar to Humble Bundle, ALL MONEY GOES TO CHARITY- make it your good deed for the day/week/year! Some cracking games, particularly in the $15 tier. Pay less than $15 and get: T… Read more

thats a good bundle of games, weirdly have all of them


Really good bundle, shame I've got so many :/


Good bundle and the $15 dollar tier is well worth it if you don't have them all already. All the titles barring 'Indie Game the Movie' and 'Offspring Fling!' are also on Linux/SteamOS. There is a non-Steam version of 'Offspring Fling!' though so I would expect that to be available sometime as well.


Nice idea and heated purely as it supports good causes but I think they need to get a bit more competitive with their pricing as by other bundle standards $15+ is a lot to pay for very good but (mostly) rather old games. Here is hoping their next bundle is a bit better VFM and I'd be happy to support them....


wow prison architect! hot

Cloud Knights , Defend Your Life and A Bird Story Free Steam Keys @ MacHeist
Found 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016
Cloud Knights , Defend Your Life and A Bird Story Free Steam Keys @ MacHeist
You need to play mini game and create account in order to unlock games , move your character with mouse or arrow keys . If character won't move try to refresh page. To unlock Clou… Read more

Dam i was too late to the party they've run out of keys for all 3 of the games


Thats because some Steam Services are down at this moment , give it a go in about 30 mins or hour.


Really surprised this hasn't got a lot hotter given the games seem pretty ok compared to some of the other stuff that gets repeatedly given away! Actually, scratch that....the codes all fail to activate on Steam, and I've just been locked out for too many failed attempts! :(


I use chrome, and it works fine. It's a lot quicker if you use the arrow keys, rather than the mouse!


cheers, got all 3...... even at the 1fps that it runs in Chrome :(

MacHeist Hall of Fame bundle £9.93 @ MacHeist
Found 10th Nov 2015Found 10th Nov 2015
MacHeist Hall of Fame bundle £9.93 @ MacHeist
8 apps for Mac for the cheap sum of $15, 10% of which goes to charity! These are some of the Mac's timeless classic apps which all receive excellent reviews. Over $718 value!! … Read more

Bloody hell, TechTool Pro, Stuffit, Graphic Converter!....takes me back to the '90's Do they post them out on 3.5" discs or CDRom? I'll probably need to change the PRAM battery on my Performa 460 as well.


Awesome deal


Cost me £10.25 through Paypal - doesn't affect its hotness as a deal though :)




Sorted (_;)

iMazing - Free usually £19 @ MacHeist
Found 16th Jan 2015Found 16th Jan 2015
iMazing - Free usually £19 @ MacHeist
Usually $29.99 (£19.73) and is currently free from the MacHeist website. You just need to click the red banner under this weeks bundle and like their page on Facebook, then sign up… Read more

DOwnload WIndows version


You have to "Become an agent" - which is essentially just signing up for MacHeist. Then after that you get a link to download and a unique product key which is used to activate the software once downloaded. Make sure you untick the "Keep me posted on more free offers and deals on great Mac software" box to avoid spam.


sounds good. do I need to enter my name and address on the site or just go straight to Facebook after clicking on the banner? it's stll requiring a payment of 14.99 otherwise. tks


belongs in Freebies

MacHeist Anarchy Bundle £10.20
Found 12th Jan 2015Found 12th Jan 2015
MacHeist Anarchy Bundle £10.20
These bundles are fantastic! a bargain to be had! $14.99 (£9.93!) - Default Folder X Developer: St. Clair Software Make OS X’s Open and Save dialogs smarter and more efficient - … Read more

This bundle deal is awesome :)


Tempting! not sure I actually need any of those... I do want tho! Hmmmm... Voted hot!

MacHeist Nano Bundle 5: 9 Mac Apps for $19.99 from (value $610) £11.66
Found 16th Jul 2014Found 16th Jul 2014
MacHeist Nano Bundle 5: 9 Mac Apps for $19.99 from (value $610) £11.66
The MacHeist nanoBundle 5 They said it couldn't be done, but we’ve put together another brand new nanoBundle with an absolutely insane value! Explore the bundle by clicking on th… Read more

Extended for 2 days with extra titles added


I really want Intaglio - I am waiting to see if it gets closer to the threshold to unlock this before I comit.


Cinemagraph Pro is an excellent app, I got it for £10 from iTunes earlier in the year. Not sure about the other apps though?


Seen these before but will take a chance on this one.


You'll get an email with serial numbers and download links. You can download to a stick or download later when you have your mac.

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Scapple from Literature and Latte for mac free through macheist
Found 8th Apr 2014Found 8th Apr 2014
Scapple from Literature and Latte for mac free through macheist
For a limited time get Scapple for Mac free through Macheist. 1) Follow Macheist on Twitter 2) Share with your friends 3) Grab your free copy (Full information via deal link) Sca… Read more
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MacHeist Apple Design Award Bundle - 10 Mac apps for $19.99, 10% goes to a charity of your choice
Found 2nd Apr 2014Found 2nd Apr 2014
MacHeist Apple Design Award Bundle - 10 Mac apps for $19.99, 10% goes to a charity of your choice
***SEE FIRST POST FOR LINKS*** MacHeist are offering 10 Mac OS X apps for $19.99 that apparently have a combined value of $1,786. From the website, the apps are as follows: Boinx… Read more

I missed this, is there any chance anyone would be willing to sell just their Toon Boom code for $15 amazon? I'd really appreciate it! Please email if you are interested.


Awesome just bought mine :)


All apps unlocked and promotion extended, see first post.


It might just be my luck but Scapple downloaded as a trial... !!!


Brainstorm app called Scapple for free via tweeting:

Macheist Nano Bundle 4 - $369 worth of Mac apps for around £12.52
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
Macheist Nano Bundle 4 - $369 worth of Mac apps for around £12.52
Just launched is Mac Heist's latest Nano Bundle 4 - $369 of Mac software for around £12.52. I realise this isn't for everyone, but not a bad selection for the price. Here's the blu… Read more

Yes. I brought it and it worked with zero issues. Some good stuff in here.


can anyone comment of Djay vs. Virtual DJ home? the latter is free and the first review on the Mac App store is form a buyer complaining that, although he was happy with the Djay software he paid for, had he discovered VDH in time, he would have opted for that - apparently superior - free software instead.


Even though this is a US site will the software work on a mac/macbook bought in the UK?


I use Intensify Pro and think its good APART from the fact it appears to phone home every time it starts up. Not a problem when I'm n line, but when I'm putting photos together for the kids birthday party and I'm on the Eurostar, a bloody pain in the ****. I also think Limbo is utterly brilliant as a game. Simple, easy and rather scary :)


Is there any standout software in this lot?

MacHesit Nano Bundle 3 - $260 Worth Of Mac Apps For $9.99 including CleanMyMac2 and Fantastical
Found 17th Apr 2013Found 17th Apr 2013
MacHesit Nano Bundle 3 - $260 Worth Of Mac Apps For $9.99 including CleanMyMac2 and Fantastical
**EXTENDED OFFER - ALL APPS UNLOCKED & ADDITIONAL APPS AVAILABLE** MacHeist Nano Bundle 3 Discover amazing new software, and support independent Mac developers, all while mak… Read more
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They've added the app AirServer - The other blank window looks like it's going to be Jumsoft's Money.


...and the award for 'Obscure Pissy B*tch Troll Quote of the Day' goes to...


For a mac user these tools will make them feel extremely technical.


Your obviously very clouded as expected then.


Page has been updated, it's 30k purchases before Path Finder is unlocked. 10,800 at the moment.

21 Apple Mac Apps worth £460 for £18 with updated MacHeist Bundle Use social sharing link for a further 20 Apps worth £185 for FREE! Total £645 worth of Software!
Found 26th Oct 2012Found 26th Oct 2012
21 Apple Mac Apps worth £460 for £18 with updated MacHeist Bundle Use social sharing link for a further 20 Apps worth £185 for FREE! Total £645 worth of Software!
ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT UNTIL BUNDLE DEAL EXPIRES! Bartender ($15) Braid ($20) Printopia ($20) MacGourmet ($50) Original Offer: The MacHeist 4 Bundle has just come active. There are 15 … Read more
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Good deal just grabbed it Voted hot

20 Mac Apps from Macheist for free
Found 23rd Oct 2012Found 23rd Oct 2012
20 Mac Apps from Macheist for free
Macheist are giving away all the Apps that you could have collected in the recent Macheist missions and all you have to do is tweet or post on facebook about the Macheist App bundl… Read more

Have some heat i enjoyed the heist.


amazing! got all the programs :P

1 year Evernote Premium as part of MacHeist Bundle $29
Found 19th Oct 2012Found 19th Oct 2012
1 year Evernote Premium as part of MacHeist Bundle $29
1 year of Evernote Premium is included in the current MacHeist bundle. Retails for £35 Well worth the $29 (equates to roughly £20) solely for this, regardless of if you have a ma… Read more

dropbox v evernote ???? cat v dog


I'd love to know how Dropbox equates into this discussion, its almost like you no clue what Evernote is...


Hmmmm, I was going to go for this bundle then realised its not such a great deal. However if it works for you then go for it. You might want to try dropbox first BTW. Just trying to help. Not a mac hater, just also not a fanboy (even though I have 5 macs). Don't ask :)

15 Apple OSX Mac Apps worth £335 for £18 at MacHeist Bundle
Found 17th Oct 2012Found 17th Oct 2012
15 Apple OSX Mac Apps worth £335 for £18 at MacHeist Bundle
The MacHeist 4 Bundle has just come active. There are 15 OS X pieces of software for $29 (about £18). 25% of all money raised goes to charities. Software included: Bejewled 3 (A… Read more
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I bought this for Scrivener, Firetask and Artboard (thought I doubt I'm ever going to use that instead of Illustrator). As for the games, I just had a look through Steam: Bejeweled 3 - Windows and Mac Jurassic Park - Windows and Mac Strong Bad - Windows and Mac Sam and Max - Windows and Mac Bioshock 2. Steam only shows the Windows version, and the Apple Store has the Mac version so not sure how this one will work.


They are all marked on the Steam website as available on both platforms. I only use a Mac, so not sure if you can use one licence on both platforms.


Does anyone know if I bought the steam games, which ones of them are available on windows also? As certain steam games when bought on the pc or the mac are available on both platforms.


I was thinking of getting Scrivener anyway so great deal, disk tools pro also looks good and a years premium subscription to Evernote, very nice. Should be noted that, the following will be unlocked once a certain amount of bundles have been sold Firetask (AppStore £27.99) Bioshock 2 (AppStore £17.49) Corel Painter Lite


Well it's Scrivener for cheap with other free stuff so that's hot in itself really.

Macheist is back. Corel Paint it and back to the Future free for starters
Found 16th Sep 2012Found 16th Sep 2012
Macheist is back. Corel Paint it and back to the Future free for starters
Macheist is back. There will be puzzles to solve along the way with more free software as prizes, leading to a bundle of cheap Mac software - Macheist always produce an awsome bund… Read more

Freebie now changed to NetShade, anonymous proxy software.


Awesome now how do I get the agent app thing?


The online Mac community is a friendly place and this sort of thing is not unusual. I've never seen anything truly comparable for Windows PCs. Are Macs overpriced? That is a discussion to be had elsewhere.


Relevant comment, thanks. Cheers Op.


great deal, but not worth buying an over priced Mac for!. anything similar for PC???

8 Mac apps worth £190 for around £13 (with money to charity too) @ MacHeist
Found 3rd Mar 2010Found 3rd Mar 2010
8 Mac apps worth £190 for around £13 (with money to charity too) @ MacHeist
Great discount bundle for one week only. Cost is $19.99, so it might vary slightly depending on exchange rate. I bought it just for coverscout and flow, since its cheaper than buyi… Read more

Just unlocked the 3 bonus apps by following them on twitter. Superb deal.


This is a great deal - just picked mine up now. Rated red hot ;-)


Rapidweaver got unlocked yesterday :)


Tweetie (twitter client) has been confirmed! see [url][/url] for more!!


Ah it’s a FTP (and related protocols) program. If you don't already use an FTP program for a task such as running a website then its probably not much use to you. I used to use macfusion and before that, Fetch, and other examples include transmit and cyberduck. If all these names mean nothing, then probably just archive it away until you need it one day in the future.

Free MacHeist Squeeze application (usually $10) for background file compression
Found 26th Feb 2010Found 26th Feb 2010
Free MacHeist Squeeze application (usually $10) for background file compression
MacHeist is offering Snow Leopard users a chance to grab a free copy of Squeeze, a smart compression application. MacHeist sent out the following email today: "We're now in the mi… Read more
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who cares, u seen it,


for OS 10.6 btw


Calm it achmed


Sorry.... how do I do that


Please move to Freebie section. :roll:

Grab the MacHeist nanoBundle for Free! (rrp:$154)
Found 8th Nov 2009Found 8th Nov 2009
Grab the MacHeist nanoBundle for Free! (rrp:$154)
Not much interest for me personally but seen it and thought others might like to know, especially if you are a twitter fan. MacHeist nanoBundle We like to think of our job as hel… Read more

Already posted...



Macheist Nanobundle (6 free Mac apps)
Found 6th Nov 2009Found 6th Nov 2009
Macheist Nanobundle (6 free Mac apps)
Macheist are giving away 6 mac applications on which are: ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterrific, TinyGrab, Hordes of Orcs & Mariner Write*. Simply register on machei… Read more

Virus Barrier for me has been one giant nightmare. It looks good, but it is very obtrusive to the system and is hardly needed. The hardest part is uninstalling it. Use ClamXav 2.0 instead. The other free apps aren't the best in the world, but are worth going installing for the price.


Excellent - spotted this a couple of days ago so thanks for the reminder! Make sure you do the Facebook bit as the real gem is getting Intego Virus Barrier X5 for free! ------ Thanks drspa44: Had no problems so far with Virus Barrier but will take a look at ClamXav. Twitteriffic is also very good - I use the free version on my iPod Touch and the full version on my Mac is great but may prove to be a distraction!


Thanks; was not really interested in some of the apps, but wanted to try out WriteRoom. It's okay, but I realise that I can do the same full screen mode in Pages, and have more flexibility in how I work. Still, it's good for those who don't have iWork and want to get some distraction-free writing done. Found Twitterific to be pretty bad for a desktop client when compared to TweetDeck (which is free) and especially compared to Tweetie (the ad-supported version is free, and the ads are very unobtrusive), so I'd reccomend either of those above this. Found Mariner Write to be pretty bad; there are much better free alternatives out there such as NeoOffice, Bean or AbiWord. Was really disappointed as Mariner Software make one of my favourite applications for the Mac - the wonderful MacJournal. Haven't really tried the others as of yet, but will get round to it at some point.


silly me :)


Mac does NOT = iphone

$600 worth of Mac Applications for $39 including 25% to charity!
Found 25th Mar 2009Found 25th Mar 2009
$600 worth of Mac Applications for $39 including 25% to charity!
The famous MacHeist bundle is back again. For $39 (currently £26.80) you get all of the following applications for your Mac iSale Picturesque SousChef World of Goo PhoneView Little… Read more

But as you said you can get most/all this software open source, and some of it better in some peoples opinions. And yes the charity thing is good, but why not get the open source stuff and give a charity of your choice 50% of the money you could spend on this deal? then they get twice as much, it goes to a cause you believe in greater, and you still save 50% yourself! :thumbsup:


$600 is a bit of a fib, especially considering that most of this software is rather basic and you'll probably find superior open-source freeware alternatives for all. But then, I guess that's why they're marketing this with the charity attachment, and the group goal promotion. Makes it seem more like a nobel cause to the consumer than a shovelware marketing campaign. That said, World Of Goo is great fun.


Im sure you have never downloaded an mp3 for free or watched a copied dvd from a friend:whistling:


this is a good deal - just one of them apps being useful make it worthwhile and don't forget 25% to charity


well that's stealing..